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I finished this dress yesterday. Unfortunately I am in a bit of a sewing comfort zone. I keep sewing the same dress in different fabrics. As evidenced: here, here and here (and thats not all of them)

You would think I would try something but new, but the lure of sewing a project quickly and not having to do any fitting is just too strong.

Also it’s a versatile pattern and fits well. Apparently I need 100’s of sun dresses in my wardrobe. I drafted the bodice myself and the skirt is just two 56cm lengths of fabric sewn together and gathered.

Anyway this one has the added benefit of a bow belt :). I have been harping on about how I love bows so I thought why not add one!

Thats how I want my hair too look 😦

It’s hardly a revelation to add a bow belt but it was fun and having it detachable makes it more versatile!

Rather than a set of hooks and eyes on the belt ends I opted for snaps that you hammer on. I am not a fan of hooks and eyes or too much hand sewing. The belt stays on well with the snaps.

For the belt portion I just made a casing and thread elastic through it. Its not stretchy but it was much quicker than cutting and measuring interfacing to fuse to the belt.

Please ignore bad hair above.

Without the belt.

Another belt. Yay!…Probably not the right belt?

Haha add it too a tee!

I have yet to receive these in the mail but I wanted to share with you some recent pattern purchases.

I read a lot of sewing blogs. Seeing other bloggers versions of these patterns sewn up often convinces me to buy the same pattern hoping I can make something even half as cute as their version of the look.

Heres what I bought when had a sale on Vogue Patterns…

Vogue 1176

When I saw JuliaBobbin’s version of Vogue 1176 I had to buy this pattern. Hopefully one day I will be brave enough to make it. The drapey bow thing looks intimidating. I’d love to make it in a bright red or kelly green. I adore JuliaBobbins super girlie version!

Yuck the vogue cover version of this next pattern is hideous (or at least not my style)…. (Vogue 1230)

But again I saw a gorgeous dress Julia Bobbin made based using this pattern as the bodice and I was sold.

Another blogger who ALWAYS makes cute stuff (Lladybird) made lovely a version of  Vogue 8280 (aka: inspired by roland mouret’s galaxy dress).

Above picture: Vogue 8280 Such a flattering style

The next pattern/below is (Vogue 8413) has been around for years and I have a feeling I have a copy already somewhere but I LOVE it! Love the cowl-neckline/fitted skirt combo. The plaid version on the cover is kinda Vivienne Westwood. Hot.

I am not a fan of Vogues sewn rendition of this style (ugly fabric)

but I LOVE that neckline and the pleats

Above Vogue 1192…Yikes I just read a lot of bad reviews of the above pattern. Hmmm…. 

The next one (Vogue 8865) would be a good starting point for a lot of dresses as I love the flared skirt and the extended panel lines (rather than darts for shaping)

Above Vogue 8665

Below: The retail version of the Micheal Kors Dress (Vogue 1117) was based on.

I have always loved this Micheal Kors number (Vogue 1117) but I have always skipped it because it looks fiddly/challenging and time consuming! When I see diamond/pointed seams like the ones under the arms of this number I get a little scared. After failed attempts of a similar dress I may have worked out the trick to doing these seams.

Sew from one side and STOP AT THE POINT then sew to the other opposite side and stop at the point (meeting where you have sewn from the other side). Don’t sew to the corner and try to pivot. It will not work, well at least not for me!  OK that probably did not make any sense anyway….

(Vogue 1117)

Ericabunker , Gertie and Lladybird have made awesome versions of this dress!

I need to change the styling of my blog.

It really bothers me that the links are the same colour as all the other text.

If you click there names there are links to there versions.

I live in Australia but my parents are Danish so we celebrate Christmas tonight on the 24th.

I thought I would share what I am wearing. It’s a dress I made earlier this year.

I love how the print has a retro/vintage feel. The print feels kind of 70s to me. I am sort of obsessed with floral prints and I love fitted dresses so this one will probably get some use :).

The back has a cool sorta cutout detail AND you can wear this dress with a regular bra. A must for me!  One of my arms looks weirdly pink haha oddly amusing.

The pattern had a lot of fitting issues. On the pattern they also didn’t notch/mark where the straps were supposed to go. Fiddling with stap length and placement is at the top of my list of most irritating things about sewing (and I mostly LOVE sewing).

Also I had to take a LOT out the hips (but this seems common for me) and a LOT under the arms to get a good fit and stop the bodice from being all sad and gaping. So I doubt I will sew this pattern again. Its a lovely style but there were a lot of fitting tweaks. Twice is enough hastle.

Above is the pattern I used. I always scribble down a review on the envelope hehe.

The first version of this dress I made was in purple linen. I altered the pattern based on the changes I made to the first version of this dress but me alterations on pattern tissue were off and this floral version ended up far too tight across the bust, so I had to unpick the lining to alter it again.

Lesson: Always make a muslin first!

I feel so girlie in this dress :).

I am not really big on Christmas but I can’t wait to spend time with the family and give lots of gifts! Merry Christmas!

I always thought sewing would save me money. This is clearly no longer the case BUT a hobby that brings me so much happiness is worth the spend.

I have so much fabric that at this point I have to smuggle fabrics into my house to avoid angering the people I live with. Yes my fabric addiction is THAT bad!

First up we have the fabric

Is it wrong I get CRAZY MAD excited just looking at  fabric/textile prints? To further freak you out I actually scanned my fabrics with the scanner  well it’s because my camera is rubbish so it was the only way to show you…

Love Love Love! $6 per meter (3 meters)

I like this but do prefer the green colour-way of this print…

On the day I bought this all the already reduced quilting cottons (including the others in this post)  were half the reduced price but it was ONE day only.

I only had $20 left in my account of this particular day. It was torture. 😦

So of this blue fabric I bought 6 meters at $3 per meter

Orange is my all-time favorite colour and its a vintagey-feedsack-kinda floral print! Love it. obviously.

$6 mer meter (3 meters)

Had to get the red version too

$6 mer meter (3 meters)

You will see I buy almost exclusivity floral prints and this point in time.

I don’t know what it is about me and florals…

Also don’t look down on me because I make dresses from quilting cotton.  I know it lacks drape etc but I like quilting cottons because….

1. Better range of prints/more fun prints

2. Cotton  plain weave fabric is so easy to sew with :).

Perhaps one day I will challenge myself with some nightmare chiffony-something-or-rather but I really prefer tougher fabrics. I live a pretty casual existence in that way.

I just don’t enjoy flimsy fabrics enough to justify the the pain of working with them.

These next two are not quilting cottons. The fabric is an interesting weave  but not sure what you would classify them as and I lost the docket…

$5 per meter or perhaps less

This is just so lovely. the print has an early 70’s look to me. I could be wrong.

I have made a dress in the same print before. The fabric frays to an insane degree but its really soft.

But when I bought this print in a different colour it was full price (about $16.95 per meter) Ouch! I am such a sucker !

I am making this dress (link) in this cute fabric soon so stay tunned.

I think a lot of the yardage was free because I used a voucher I got given. Hehe I said yardage. I only work in meters so that was sort of odd…

Also bought a overlocker/serger from amazon rather than in Australia.  Yippee… Had to buy an electrical converter for $20 though.

I was looking at the babylock imagine but I don’t really have over $2000 to spare so I made a compromise…

It’s pretty basic. But with shipping and the electrical converter it was $270.

If I bought a very similar brother model in a shop in Australia it would be over $400. How crazy is that?!

The BurdaStyle Sewing handbook (also from amazon) I seem to like the pattern variations that don’t have tutorials the best 😦

Above is the Colette Sewing Handbook. The instructions in the one are excellent/super clear.Also the dress in the above picture is just my cup of tea! So Gorgeous! Must Make….