New beginings

Sewing keeps me sane. I am so happy that it is a part of my life. I want to share my creations with the online community.

I have started many blogs about sewing usually to no avail.

Why do I start blogs only to completely lose interest in maintaining them?

1. I do this in a lot of areas of my life. I fall in love with the idea of something but then fall out of love with it quickly. I am therefore going to make a promise to myself to update this blog weekly at the least every two weeks EVEN if it is just a way to record my sewing experiences and not another soul reads it and even if i think this blog sucks. I will persist regardless! If only to prove to myself I can maintain a blog for a year!

2. I suck at photography and I do not own a good camera. Something I intend to also work on. I would like to post pictures of myself wearing my creations but photographing myself is usually a less than delightful experience to put it nicely.

Anyway…yay for new beginnings and yay for creating clothing no matter how simple it may be. 🙂


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