Circle skirt in action

This is a skirt I made some time ago. You can tell the sewing is not too crash hot.

It is usually better (promise).
I am also not really digging these photos of me. I got my mum to take the photos of me and she was not exactly too happy to oblige.

hehe the end I am holding out is super creased oops.

I used simplicity 2233…
I added my own wider waistband to the pattern. I usually don’t wear skirts this long but there was plenty of fabric so I thought why not.

Next time I attempt a circle skirt I am going to either draft from scratch or find a better pattern. Shorter hem and narrower waistband would also make it more versatile. Also if I installed the zipper and the overlap of the waistband at the back then it would have helped.

Must find a better way to hem a circle skirt too…Perhaps I should use my new over-locker.

I am not really proud of this skirt but if it helps me learn from my mistakes then I am still happy.

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