Red Marimekko-Print Dress

 This 1960s Marimekko Print is probably my favorite textile print of ALL TIME so you can imagine how excited I was when I found a cotton-quilting fabric in this print.

This dress is made with a sun dress pattern I drafted myself (my most used pattern). I should probably mention the zip is a side zip.

Happiness is walking around in summer in this dress. I feel feminine, lively and just more “me”.

As you can see I am not too fussy when it comes to matching up my print. But I did want the red flower to be in the middle.

Fabric: About 2.60 meters of this glorious lightweight cotton with 1960s Marimekko design. The fabric was about $16.96 a meter.

Lining: lined the bodice with a red lightweight cotton.

Pattern: Self-drafted sun dress

Notions: 25-35cm white invisible around $1 (bought in bulk on ebay)

Time to complete: Around 4 hrs

Date Completed: mid-early 2011

Amount of times worn: 3

Fitting notes: Excellent fit. My favorite pattern.

  1. Bonnie said:

    I love all the sundresses you make! You should sell your pattern! Is the bottom just two rectangles sewn together and gathered?

    • Thank you :). Thats a good idea I wish I understood fully how to grade patterns up and down in size! It is indeed just rectangles sewn together and gathered!
      For mine the two rectangles I sew together are around 100cm wide by 52cms high per rectangle (sorry not sure what that is in inches).

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