Stripey Sun Dress

I always wanted to make a dress using a boarder-print.

I really liked this fabric… to me the print had a kind of an 80s vibe to it that I thought was fun.

I made this dress using my most-used pattern. I think I have made about 7 dresses in this style.

It fits well, its flattering I really like the style of the dress.

But its getting ridiculous and repetitive I don’t want every dress in my wardrobe to be the same style. This style of dress also tends to suit the cotton types of fabric I usually buy.

I drafted this pattern myself by altering the bodice of an ill-fitting new look pattern.

Fabric: About 2.60 meters of $6 a meter Spotlight fabric. It is a medium weight cotton/poly blend woven fabric.

Lining: lined the bodice with a lightweight cotton voile

Pattern: Self-drafted sun dress

Notions: 25-35cm white invisable around $1 (bought in bulk on ebay)

Time to complete: Around 4 hrs

Date Completed: mid 2011

Amount of times worn: 2 or 3

Fitting notes: Excellent fit. My favorite pattern.

Anything you would change? I wish I did the stripes on the waistband horizontally rather than vertically. It would have looked better/been more flattering! I wear it with a belt which sort of fixes the problem

  1. Emily said:

    This is very nice and stylish, the fabric is gorgeous!

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