Patterns I want to try

Here are some patterns I’m itching to try…

Burda7494 (the dress)


I have made a muslin of the bodice of this pattern and it fits almost perfectly without  many needed alterations and thats good news because I am NOT a fan of lots of fitting and alterations.

I always find burda patterns to have the best fit of all the commercial patterns.


I still have an obsession with peter pan collars but when I have attempted to draft my own them they never sit flat.

The collar on this dress is only on the front and is sewn into the shoulder seam eliminating that problem.

A cute versions of this pattern made by: cynthia-1

Vogue 1206 

The cut of this dress is so nice and I love the ruffles and the neckline. Very flattering and feminine!

The fabric they choose for this pattern on the pattern envelope is hideous.

You can see its potential more in the line drawing!

A cute versions of this pattern made by:  asewnwardrobe

Vogue 8766

Nice and simple. I figure this would be a good starting point for a lot of dresses considering I really like wide round necklines. I also need to practice setting in sleeves so this would provide me with that opportunity.


Simplicity 2588

I have had this one for a while but I think it is the perfect pattern for me because…

1. Princess panel lines/seams kick ass over darts! Marking a whole lot of darts sucks and the fit is always better with the panels lines.

2. One of the bodices has a raglan sleeve. I love easy sleeves. Perhaps I am a lazy sewer, but when  a pattern features sleeves you don’t have to ease in I am all over it!

So I would probably make the sleeve bodice with narrow fitted skirt.

The sleeveless one is cute but I pretty much ONLY  make stuff I can wear a bra with. I can’t wear strapless bras and never go bra-less.

A cute versions of this pattern made by: frounce

The above patterns are next on my list but there are STACKS more patterns I dream about trying but thats it for this post..

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