Fitted floral dress in action.

I live in Australia but my parents are Danish so we celebrate Christmas tonight on the 24th.

I thought I would share what I am wearing. It’s a dress I made earlier this year.

I love how the print has a retro/vintage feel. The print feels kind of 70s to me. I am sort of obsessed with floral prints and I love fitted dresses so this one will probably get some use :).

The back has a cool sorta cutout detail AND you can wear this dress with a regular bra. A must for me!  One of my arms looks weirdly pink haha oddly amusing.

The pattern had a lot of fitting issues. On the pattern they also didn’t notch/mark where the straps were supposed to go. Fiddling with stap length and placement is at the top of my list of most irritating things about sewing (and I mostly LOVE sewing).

Also I had to take a LOT out the hips (but this seems common for me) and a LOT under the arms to get a good fit and stop the bodice from being all sad and gaping. So I doubt I will sew this pattern again. Its a lovely style but there were a lot of fitting tweaks. Twice is enough hastle.

Above is the pattern I used. I always scribble down a review on the envelope hehe.

The first version of this dress I made was in purple linen. I altered the pattern based on the changes I made to the first version of this dress but me alterations on pattern tissue were off and this floral version ended up far too tight across the bust, so I had to unpick the lining to alter it again.

Lesson: Always make a muslin first!

I feel so girlie in this dress :).

I am not really big on Christmas but I can’t wait to spend time with the family and give lots of gifts! Merry Christmas!

  1. Super cute dress 🙂 As a dane, I’ll also celebrate Christmas tonight with my family. The best Chrismas wishes for you and your family ❤

    • Awesome! Thank you God Jul to you too :)!

  2. Sassy T said:

    Absolutely love the retro fabric. Love a floral lol. I have this pattern on my wishlist and being a beginner there will definitely be a muslin. Love the fact you can wear a bra.

    • Me too. I can never say no to a retro floral. Its a great pattern for a beginner. I completely agree with you about wearing a bra. If I can’t wear a bra with something I usually avoid making it as I know I will never wear it.

  3. karen said:

    love this dress.. want to wear it.. hehhehe!!

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