Better with a Bow

I finished this dress yesterday. Unfortunately I am in a bit of a sewing comfort zone. I keep sewing the same dress in different fabrics. As evidenced: here, here and here (and thats not all of them)

You would think I would try something but new, but the lure of sewing a project quickly and not having to do any fitting is just too strong.

Also it’s a versatile pattern and fits well. Apparently I need 100’s of sun dresses in my wardrobe. I drafted the bodice myself and the skirt is just two 56cm lengths of fabric sewn together and gathered.

Anyway this one has the added benefit of a bow belt :). I have been harping on about how I love bows so I thought why not add one!

Thats how I want my hair too look 😦

It’s hardly a revelation to add a bow belt but it was fun and having it detachable makes it more versatile!

Rather than a set of hooks and eyes on the belt ends I opted for snaps that you hammer on. I am not a fan of hooks and eyes or too much hand sewing. The belt stays on well with the snaps.

For the belt portion I just made a casing and thread elastic through it. Its not stretchy but it was much quicker than cutting and measuring interfacing to fuse to the belt.

Please ignore bad hair above.

Without the belt.

Another belt. Yay!…Probably not the right belt?

Haha add it too a tee!

  1. Helen said:

    this is such a cute dress!! i have been enjoying reading through your blog πŸ™‚

    • How nice of you to say πŸ™‚ I saw at your portfolio. You do great work!

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