I have not done a lot of sewing recently but I did make a necklace or two.

So quick and simple to make!

Whilst browsing pintrest  I can across this tutorial  by the dainty squid and I feel in love with it.

Heres my version

Yikes I need to cut my fringe badly. I do not suit a long fringe!

I used leather for my version because we have a whole bag of leather scraps.

Also the leather hole punch I had made holes that were FAR to big so I just used a thick needle to poke holes through the leather to attach the jump rings through.

Heres another necklace I made the supplies I used to make it.

I don’t know why I never considered using leather or vinyl for jewelery before as it’s awesome!

I recently sorted out my sewing notions along with my jewelery making supplies. I often buy chain from fabric stores or if I have a necklace or (a part of a necklace) I no longer like I take the chain off to use on another d.i.y.

LOOK at the organized nature of my supplies below (this is unlike me so I am proud!)

I discovered that little plastic pill storage is a great way to store the fasteners and jump rings. They are super small and you can open one at a time. I dont know if that makes any sense. I tried to take a better picture off them but failed.

I am totally going to finish Burda 7594 soon. But yeah like I said have to get the fit right which is annoying.

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