Pink and Fitted Girly Dress (my bodice + burda 7494 skirt)

Yesterday I finished this dress. I decided to combine the Burda 7494 skirt with my trusty self-drafted bodice to see how they would look together. Yey for Frankensteing patterns together. Its so easy!

I promise this is the last time I use this print. I have previously made dresses in the same fabric but in blue and yellow.

What can I say? they were $3 per meter quilting fabrics and they had been sitting there unused for about 2 years.  So I am glad I finally did something with them.

It also gives me an idea of which of the 3 colors suit me best. I think the blue suits me best. Blue used to be my least favorite color but it works best on me. I am glad I am liking it a lot more these days (Perhaps it was Zooey Deschanel’s wardrobe in 500 days of summer). The pale pink suits me the least as it has a bit of that wash out effect when next to skin of my colour (God it looks practically the same colour as my skin in the photos!).

I decided to time myself when making this garment. It turns out it takes me about 5 hrs 20 mins to make a dress like this (including cutting out). But that also includes trying to decide on things and messing about with strap length etc (HATE adjusting straps).

I did an invisible hem with my  invisible hemming foot and the special stitch on the machine. I LOVE IT (totally geeked out over it)! So easy and it kicks ass over hand sewing!

The invisible side zip hits me at a weird point due to the more fitted skirt.

The bodice is fully lined with white cotton voile for a nice clean finish but the skirt is not. I REALLY wish I underlined the skirt with a thicker fabric for stability since the cotton is fairly thin (it also creases like mad as you would suspect).

Anyway here is what I would do differently if I made this style again:

  •  Shorten shirt waistband at the sides (5-5mm on each side) so the bodice fits the tulip skirt more precisely
  •  Underline the fitted skirt portion if i make it in a similar lightweight cotton (I planned on doing this but I was too lazy)
  • Convert bodice to have back zip rather than side zip. The dress will sit better on the body
  • Back of skirt is too big. Take in darts slightly? and tapper and remove some fabric from the top of the center back seam of the skirt.
  • Reinforce the start of the back slit with some fabric and stitching (in a triangle?)

I wore the dress into the city last night. I don’t know how much wear this dress will get because the fitted skirt is less comfortable to wear than the gathered version. I have to wear fitted shorts underneath the skirt to preserve my modesty that is pretty annoying.

  1. Paunnet said:

    Ooh, this dress is so cute! I’m a pale girl too, so I know this kind of colours is not the best for us, but it’s so darling on you!
    Also, if you need to wear smething underneath, why not making your own tap pants?

    • Thanks 😀 That is an excellent suggestion. Would be great to have some on hand to wear with shorter skirts. I always wear shorts under skirts and they are not always subtle. This would be a much better option!

  2. Shona said:

    This looks lovely! I actually really like this color on you, looks very soft and romantic. I think we may have the same skin tone, I’m super pale too so I can relate. I’ve come to really like peaches and corals on me, not sure why.

    • Thank you 🙂 I never used to pay attention to what colours suit me but these days I am trying to work it out.

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