Patterns I want to try (the sewing pattern queue)

So next I am sewing vogue pattern 1206. But after that project I am not sure what I will do next.

Also I am wondering if the straight skirt that came with the pattern would be better. or perhaps a half circle skirt.

I have a little queue of patterns I want to try so I thought for reference I would post the line drawings of these patterns.

There have been a lot of sleeveless shirts around recently and I find them really fun and flattering. No one on the internet seems to have tried this pattern yet. Basically I want some fitted sleeveless shirts. If this pattern is good perhaps I could adapt it into a western shirt (using the sleeves provided and making my own pointed yokes). Shame I can’t find anywhere to buy pearl snaps!

The above pattern would be a good all rounder that could be adapted in lots of ways once I adjust the fit to my body.

Another cute, simple adaptable pattern. I have a lot of patterns for simple tailored/fitted dresses. But this one won out because it has raglan sleeves and princess seams/panel lines (so I would avoid the problems of setting in sleeves)

I have already used this pattern and it is an excellent pattern. I wanted to modify the top (near the armholes) to give it a more sweetheart look. I have a dotted viscose fabric that would look great with this style!

After all the trouble of getting the fit right on this bodice I would love to try the burda 7494 bodice with a flared skirt of some kind.

I adore this style. When you see it made up with the pleats it is so divine. Just a super versatile, dressy, chic blouse.

There are so many beautiful versions of this on the web. I have wanted to try this pattern for a while. I am not sure what view I would make but I have some really colorful stripe  fabric that would make an awesome chevron effect like the one pictured above.

I love the ruffle thing (haha how technical do I sound?)  and if the fit is good I could also omit the ruffle for a super simple skirt (needed for bold printed fabric).

Love how the drapey piece (again with the technical terms haha) softens the dress and makes it more feminine. Usually I have trouble with fitting Colette Patterns but I will have to try making this dress one day.

This is just so pretty. I want to try this at some stage.


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