The easiest refashion EVER and other neat discoveries

This is a little quirky and I know its not everyones style.

But I am all about quirky style (well OK not the Lady Gaga I-wear-meat-or-just-underwear-in-public-level of weird) but a little kookyness is good!

Today while I was getting dressed I noticed I had a shirt in my wardrobe that no longer fit me and the print was a little OTT for  a whole shirt .

Perhaps its not a big revelation but I cut off the collar and now the collar is a frivolous fashion accessory that I love! It reminds me of those miu miu collars from a few years back…Wow I just discovered a tutorial here I am 3 years behind haha never mind.

Also I remember coveting these collars in 2010 when one of my favorite fashion bloggers made and wore them! She is adorable. Look at how she styled the collar here I love her colourful retro style!

Anyway here is my tutorial (I realize it may be silly to give a tutorial since its super easy/obvious)

1. Find a shirt you no longer fit or you no longer like (it has to have a 2 piece collar)

2.  Cut just below the stitching line of the collar stand.

Volia! insta-fun collar!

The container I am holding is from Daiso store in Chatswood, Sydney, Australia (it came in a set with 2 other animal contaniers). It’s from a Japanese shop where everything instore is $2.80 an item.

If you are a horder of have no storage space perhaps you should enter with cation. Such a great shop for cute/silly/kitchy items though :)!

OK so another thing I am excited about. Today I bought a small cookbook holder that makes a fantastic stand for my Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Yay! Now I can watch Gertie’s Starlet Jacket Course on Craftsy while I sew! Actually  I recently enrolled in almost all the craftsy sewing courses (thats where all my money goes…)

Those of you who have ipads or galaxy tabs you would know how expensive the proper stands are and this one does the job nicely for $4. This is so excellent also because I don’t have room for a TV in my sewing room.

Edit: I wrapped some cut pieces of rubber bands around the metal slats of the cookbook holder (where my tab rests on), that way it has a bit of traction and wont slide off.

OK perhaps this is the most trivial thing ever but if you are an Aussie and you hate cheesy tissue box designs with pastel butterflies and that sort of thing: The Reject Shop has leopard-print tissue boxes at the moment for $1.

I love leopard print so I was sold!


Now If only my sewing room wasn’t so cluttered I could get in and do some actual sewing!

  1. Helen said:

    i like your cookbook holder ipad stand! that is a good idea…..
    also liking the leopard tissue box hehehe (i love leopard!)
    and your collar is very cute 🙂

  2. Helen said:

    ohh and i wish there was a daiso store closer to me (south sydney) so i don’t have to go to chatswood hehe

    • I’m so glad you share my enthusiasm for collars and leopard print :). The store is popular so perhaps they will open more in the next few years.

  3. I’d love to follow your sewing adventures but I didn’t see a tab for it. Did I miss something?

    • I am so glad you want to follow my sewing adventures!

      If you are using opera, or mozilla firefox (I am not sure if Internet explorer has this feature because I don’t use it) you can subscribe to any blog or feed by clicking on the the tiny little square icon which is on the right hand side of the address bar where you type url in. Once you click it, click select the option feeds and it will take you through the process of how you want to subscribe (i recommend google reader!).

      Another way to subscribe to updates is
      on the right hand menu bar of my website/blog if you scroll down till you see a heading that says
      “Meta” (its after the categories heading towards the end) you can click Entries RSS.

      I use google reader to follow all the sewing blogs but since you have a wordpress blog you can also click the grey bar where it has the wordpress logo at the very top of my page/blog and click “+ follow” but I don’t have much experience with that.

      Hope that helps. I will also be following your blog 🙂

      • When your comment showed up, there was a follow button there. How convenient!!! I’m now a follower! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

      • Yay! Likewise! Love the refashioning 🙂

  4. Michael said:

    i love the whole “just a collar” fashion! it kind of makes me want to make one myself!

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