Easy Skirts

My leg is better and I am so happy I can sew again.

Simplicity 3823 and the zillion alterations I have done on it has been getting me down. I am on version 7 and it still doesn’t fit correctly. I am really losing patience with this pattern or perhaps just patience with myself. I know I wont be happy with it unless I get a good fit but my skills in that area are sorely lacking. Perhaps its time to invest in some books on fitting, but then the ones I have are not much help….

So If you have followed my blog you will know I always turn to easy/fun projects when fitting a dress is getting to me.

This project is super quick and easy I made the leopard skirt a long time ago and I got a lot of wear out of it in summer. I wanted to make two more for my trip and they are great for travel because they are versatile and don’t take up much space in the suitcase.

I prefer skirts to shorts or pants and these are so easy to wear.

I use 70.5 cm of wide black elastic. The skirt length is pretty short at around 45 cms including seam allowance but it’s quite full and gathered so I think it balances out, this is the shortest I will go for a skirt.

I sew the elastic on top of the fabric with lots of pins.

The zerba print skirt is just one gathered piece. Because the fabric was 120 cm wide I could get away with just using the 45 cm piece I had. The blue floral skirt was made from fabric that was 112cms wide so I sewed is two pieces of 112cms together before I gathered it. thats why the gathers are heavier.

I look weirdly evil in this photo. But as you can see I did not have a lot of luck with taking photos.

I also made a whole bunch of drawstring bags for my trip but perhaps thats a little dull to post. There is so much more to post about but it will have to wait.

  1. Sue said:

    “Weirdly evil”? no. Adorable? yes. These skirts are very cute and look great on you!

    • Thank you kindly. You made my night :D! I am so glad I discovered your blog. Your version of the violet blouse and peony dress are adorable!
      Also cant wait to see your mad men-inspired dress!

  2. Karen said:

    You gotta love those quick and easy skirts. Made a few when I started sewing but I had totally forgotten about them. Love the zebra print!

    • Agreed. I haven’t made any for a long time either, but I get a lot of wear out of them so I thought why not revisit something basic. 🙂 glad you like the zebra print!

  3. Very cool! Fun…I hit the same urge just this week: wide elastic and simple gathers. I love seeing your versions!

    • Yes! I noticed we were on the same page too 🙂 I LOVE you colourful zig-zag skirt!

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