I’m back!

OK so I have been back from my major trip for a while. I really hate how this blog got temporarily derailed by the trip and my leg problem! I still have problems with my leg so I have to avoid over-doing it with the sewing or sewing too much in one sitting. Very difficult. 😦

I had my galaxy tab with me so when I had an Internet I could keep up everyones sewing projects and secretly lurk blogs while I was away. That sounded unintentionally sinister but what I meant was I haven’t commented while I did not have access to my physical computer but I still got my sewing-blog fix!

My top three places I visited were London, Copenhagen (My parents are from Denmark!) and Malaysia! I had a fabulous time and I posted a zillion pictures on this blog http://benandkathstravels.tumblr.com/

I recently completed simplicity 2444 without making a muslin and reveled in its lack of fitting issues. Such a great pattern! No pictures of that yet but I will post some soon!

But OK enough writing. Here is me in Rome wearing the simple elasticated skirt I made (from this post).


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