Exellent Pattern: Simplicity 2444

I decided that I was getting way too fanatical about fit of my sewing projects and that a little more ease was OK. With past projects I have made muslins and test run after test run of each dress and it is such a tedious process that I would loose motivation to complete the project and go slightly crazy in the process. I find when I buy RTW I am nowhere near as fussy about fit or finish than when I make stuff myself.

This boring perfectionism had to end and I decided to cut straight into my fashion fabric fit be dammed (ok so it WAS a cheap fabric I have had for years). But the fit of this pattern turned out to be pretty good already (aside from a tiny tiny little bit of gaping at the neckline). I am loving the pattern and I think Simplicity 2444 will be a new go-to pattern for me!

I saw the amazing potential of this pattern after seeing it used by so many other seamstresses. These are my favorite versions of the dress: Adventures in dressmaking, Sew many happies and Dapper duds.

Anyway I only made minor changes to the pattern/dress

1. I omitted the facings and finished the edges by lining the bodice. Because I think, in a dress like this facings can be VERY annoying (not sitting flat and always popping up while you are trying to wear the dam thing)…So when possible just say NO to facings! hehe.

2.  I took about 12cms of the skirt. I like a vintage-inspired look but I am partial to a shorter, more modern hem length particularly on a more prim dress like this one.

3. I sewed the pleats on the skirt a little differently to the instructions…I sewed them together at the lines (rather than just basting) and then basted them in the opposite direction to what was suggested (towards the belly/center). I like how this gives the pleats a more subtle look. But in the next version I make I am going to try it with the more exaggerated pleats which are pressed towards the hips and only basted on top.

4. omitted the center front seam on the skirt (cutting around the whole front skirt as one piece/putting the center front skirt seam on the fold).

The thing I am most excited about is the fact that I managed to get a clean finish whilst lining the bodice and the sleeves without ANY hand sewing. If you are new to this blog you have yet to learn of my rather unhealthy hatred of hand sewing… it’s sewing machine for me ALL the way!

I will post a tutorial on how to to this (or: “How to line a bodice which has sleeves with a clean finish”). I was SO HAPPY I found out how to do this. That totally gave me nerdy sewing joy. LOL.

BTW: IT was far too cold to wear this dress today 😦 I only wore it for the photos. I am not a fan of winter!

ummm…. I am not so good at posing…obviously.

  1. Louise said:

    I’ve really gotta buy that pattern after seeing Suzannah making loads of great dresses based on this pattern I keep wanting it, I see lovely version like this one pop up, and you and I could be separated at birth: I hate facings and I hate hand sewing (although I’m getting better!) I like finishing edges with bias binding and don’t even mind sewing that on by hand if it gets rid of facings!

    • Yes! thanks:) it is worth making, go for it! Hehe love it! Eliminate all facings! The only time I don’t mind them is if they are in a jacket and they are attached to lining, then they seem to do there job properly, but in dresses they they are almost always completely horrid.

  2. I really want this pattern but ebay has it listed so high because clearly everyone else wants this pattern too!
    Like your version. What’s your brooch? A little brollly?

    • Thanks. Yes it is a brolly 🙂 I got the brooch on etsy sometime ago!
      As for the pattern…
      Are you from Australia? If so I would keep an eye out for http://www.sewingpatterns.com/ when they have simplicity sales.
      But ONLY when they have sales…
      Sometimes they have a “all simplicity patterns for $2.99 day”. During those times and with shipping it should mean that you could get the pattern for around $5-6. I get jealous of Americans because they can sometimes get patterns from JoAnnes for $2.

      • Cute! Etsy is awesome.
        No I’m in the UK but sometimes my local store has pattern sale days so I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled!
        Glad you’re back posting and hope your leg is okay.

      • It’s much better thanks! 😀

  3. sewinsteady said:

    This is lovely! Please DO post that tutorial – I need it!!! I also need this pattern!
    You look very pretty in the pictures, too. 🙂

    • Thank you so much you are super sweet :D!
      I will post a tutorial for sure 🙂 just working out the best way to explain it.

  4. I’m so glad you’re back and sewing again! I love your rendition of this pattern…just a touch of vintage, but not too cutesy. I’m also with you on the misbehaving facing hatred.

    • Thanks a lot! You are lovely :). I’m glad you can relate!

  5. Matea said:

    lovely dress! I like print! and those photos are really good! 🙂

    • I’m glad you like it :D. I know I always say this but I love your style and I’m always excited to see your next outfit/look!

  6. Ana Cuevas said:

    That’s a beautiful dress! I love the color and the way it fits on you. I have that pattern and you have inspired me to make it. Thank you!!!

    • Thank you so much 😀 I am flattered that I have inspired you to make it!

  7. Sertyan said:

    I think your posing is quite natural, you should see me, the same pose in each blog post! This is another cute dress. I am amazed at your perseverance on Muslins. I like to make wearable Muslins so I usually leave sewing the sides up as the last step, it really helps a

    • 🙂 I have stopped making calico muslins and started making wearable muslins too. Life is too short to bother with the calico ones when its just a casual dress!

  8. This is such a lovely version of the dress, I love it. The fit is perfect and you look wonderful in it. I also hate hand sewing and will go to extensive means to avoid it, so yes, please do the lining tutorial! x

    • I’m glad I am not alone there. Yes! I see how other bloggers do hand sewing and it looks great but I have zero patience for it. Thanks for reminding me I shall put up a tutorial soon :). Just waiting to see if my machine can be repaired.

  9. neeno said:

    I really like this print!!! Haha – I don’t know how to pose 😛 I think u look cute!!!!

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