Simplicity 2444 Take 2!

Edit: I fixed the waistline! Its amazing what a difference a little bit of clipping of the waistlines seams makes. (such a silly mistake)

So I thought I was onto a good thing with this simplicity pattern.

At the moment I am all about only sewing in fabric you love so thats just what I did.

I have had this fabric for years and I was always waiting for the right project.

The floral print on the cotton fabric I used has a kitschy late early 70s feel that  I love! Does anyone see a pattern here ;)?. 

Now I have a dress rather than another fabric sitting in a box waiting to be made into the perfect dress…Perfect is never going to happen. Cute is good enough! I am trying to kill my boring sewing-perfectionist and just make stuff.

Yay for using the good/fav fabric!

I’m wearing this today but with a cardigan and black stockings/tights. 😀

I did get a little too complacent while sewing, in other words I was not paying enough attention.

3 main mistakes I made:

1. Forgot the lining trick and my lining and fashion fabric got tangled because I sewed the sleeve hems while the lining was INSIDE the bodice.

Note to self:The bodice of the fashion fabric and the lining should have right sides together BUT when sewing the sleeve hems  lining should NOT be inside the fashion fabric. The lining and the fashion fabric should be opposite each other/mirror images and only meet at the middle at the sleeve seams. Thats not how you do it! good thing I could retrace my steps and fix it.

2. I forgot to clip the inside of skirt and bodice at the waist seam. Also I overlocked the pleats when I wasn’t supposed to. Mainly to help them stay down.

Not clipping the waist seam means it pulls a little at the waist. You can see a little bit of bunching near the waist in the photos. I think I may fix this…but so much unpicking and re-stitching involved…hmm….should I? I probably should.

The pulling sort of bothers me and it CAN be fixed. Its just so tedious to re-visit/fix a recently completed project.

3.  I did not pay attention to the notes I wrote about the order of construction.I sewed the bodice lining to the skirt BEFORE inserting the back zipper between the fashion fabric and the lining. So I had to unpick. Doh! I write good sewing notes for myself, only problem is I forget to read them.

  1. paunnet said:

    I’m sorry for the mistake, but it looks adorable on you!

  2. cjgal said:

    I love this dress, I was turned off by the cover of this pattern initially (looked like 80s prom gone bad) but I’ve seen so many people make such cute simple dresses with it. Fabric you love is key! You look adorable in this one 🙂

    • Thank you you are sweet:) LOL yes it’s amazing how often that happens…The big three pattern companies sure do pick some frumpy material for there examples sometimes. Couldn’t agree more about fabric being key!

  3. Matea said:

    dress is so lovely I want make onle like yours . so great!

    • Thanks 🙂 you should I just know you would make it super pretty and I don’t think a girl can have too many dresses.

  4. Kessem said:

    I love this! I never would have though to buy fabric like this but I think it totally works with this dress! you really pulled it off!
    Also, the dress fits perfectly!

    • Thank you 🙂 I got lucky with the fit of this pattern!

  5. Cute is good enough!! Words to live by. I can see why you love that fabric. Really sweet dress. I also love the styling with the shoes and necklace.

  6. Sertyan said:

    You look so adorable in this dress!

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