Handmade Clothing in Action: Burdastyle Magazine Pencil Skirt (issue 2/2011 Style 107)

I wanted to start posting some pictures of how I wear the pieces I have made.  Just like Zoe does in her Me-made-may postsand Me-made-outfit of the week and Suzannah does in her fabulous How to wear DIY posts.

The me-made or handmade item I am wearing today is my wild-print pencil skirt using a pattern from Burdastyle Magazine (issue 2/2011 Style 107). I originally blogged about the skirt here.

I love this skirt. The pattern was a perfect fit and it didn’t require any alterations or fitting, but then I suppose the fact that the fabric has stretch helps too.

Pencil skirts are so flattering on tall girls and they also look awesome on a curvy hourglass shape :)! I am not actually going anywhere today but sometimes its fun to dress up ‘just because’. I have to wear a uniform at work (not fun!). But at home I have free reign. So if I had a creative job in an office this is what I would wear.

Outfit notes: The  white shirt is from cotton on and the spike necklace (which is kind of hand to see) was $3 on sale from a shop called Lovisa.

  1. Thanks for posting this skirt. This looks fantastic on you!
    I have some fabric that has been waiting to be made into a pencil skirt. (I’m one of those curvy girls) and this pattern might be just the ticket! I’ve never sewn with a Burda pattern before, any advice?

  2. Thank you kindly 🙂
    I have found the fit to be pretty good on the burdastyle magazine patterns, I think there is perhaps less wearing ease than the big 4 pattern companies. Be sure to add seam allowance to them (sorry you may already aware that the magazine patterns don’t include seam allowance) and when tracing the pattern note they have unusual ways of indicating notches, I think they are little lines (I have forgotten to include some notches in the past when tracing the patterns).
    I can’t wait to see your pencil skirt :D!

  3. Beautiful skirt. Love that fabric. I just discovered your blog, and your style is so inspiring.

    • Thats lovely of you to say 🙂 thanks a lot!

  4. Okay, I obviously need to brush up on my reading comprehension because I read the title as “Handmade Clothing in Auction” and got all excited when I saw your skirt’s fun fabric and thought it could be mine! So there you have it — that pencil skirt looks fantastic enough that I want it!

  5. Paunnet said:

    Great outfit! That necklace is gorgeous!

    • Yay thank you :)! The Thai hazel dress you made is beautiful, you really did the fabric justice! I always look forward to seeing what you make!

  6. Lena Klippel said:

    Hey Dear,
    my Name is Lena Klippel, I write for the Magazine burda style. We would like to publish one of the photos of you we saw on your Blog.
    Would you get in touch with me?
    Best regards

    • Hi Lena. I am a BIG fan of Burda style magazine and I buy every issue! I would be honored to have one of my photos used in your magazine!
      I will email you tomorrow.

    • edit: I just emailed you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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