I moved into the city!

I have been out of action for quite some time and I have to tell you I REALLY miss sewing!

My boyfriend and I have moved into a little one bedroom apartment in the city and there is not a lot of space for sewing.

I will be moving my machine over there one of these days. I love being in the city as there are so many amazing places to eat and to get anywhere all you need to do is walk for a few minutes!

At the moment we don’t have any Internet. So I have to come home on the weekend for work and also to sew.

The apartment we moved into is completely beige aside from the unattractive gray-green blinds and brownly pinkish curtains (we can’t hang anything on the walls) and I am a bright colour, bold patterns person so it makes me a little sad!

So first thing I am sewing is some colorful cushion covers.

Other things on my list.
1. Covering a canvas in marimekko fabric (we have 1 hook on the wall we are allowed to use)
2. tissue box cover (crazy but ever bit of colour helps)

  1. helen said:

    3M removable hooks are your friend in rentals! congrats on your move 🙂

    • Thanks 😀 The walls are freshly painted so we can’t risk it. I told my man the hooks were removable but sadly its a no-go.

  2. Hello! I’ve just started following your blog so thought I’d leave a comment and not be a lurker 🙂

    • I saw that post. It looks awesome 🙂 LOVE your new walls! My boyfriend says even blu tak is out of bounds for us.

  3. Happy unpacking! I hope you’re able to settle in quickly! Also, utilize your furniture! You can place paintings or other art on top of surfaces like dressers and just lean them against the wall (you can place paper weights or something in front of them if you’re worried about slipping). We do that all the time when we dress sets and can’t put any nails into the walls. 🙂

  4. Matea said:

    I have small apartment too, so Im always sewing on dining table :/ and I always must my mess immediately clean up. Good luck with decorating!

    • thanks 🙂 that’s what dinning tables are really for!

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