Our Apartment! (Storage and decorating on a tight budget)

Just before I post I will say that I am still moving in so things don’t look so crash hot. But you have to start somewhere right?
I am just sort of celebrating the fact that I have my sewing machine in my apartment now :).

I feel so lucky to be living in the city with the person I love (this has been my dream for so long!) and I am really happy to be living in such a nice quiet place.

I am trying to think of ways to add colour and make our little place look more cheerful.

I love bright colours and simple modern furniture but that seems incongruent with the beige-green that the walls are painted (I would have been so much happier with white!) I must confess I REALLY really dislike the grey-green blinds (plus unattractive pinky-brown curtains in the bedroom). But as a renter you have to accept these things. My boyfriend doesn’t even want to risk putting blu-tak on the walls, let alone removable hooks because, we are scared of it marking.
It does make decorating challenging. A rug should help a little!

On the left is our little dining table. I love the round table but I really dislike that these chairs are black (must learn how to paint them white) but they were free. Who is going to say no to a free chair? Not someone in my situation. I made the chair cushion covers and I am not afraid to admit that they look a little ridiculous on the black chairs, if they were white I think the crazy print would work on them. I also made the orange place mats, I made a whole stack.

In other news my machine is fixed and in the apartment. They also replaced the bobbin case door can you tell? haha.

We don’t have room in the apartment for all my fabric, but I took a small selection so I have something to work with. My second problem was that my boyfriend said that when we have all the furniture in the apartment we wont have room for any shelves and having one would create too much clutter.

My solution was to create a temporary shelf out of a clothing rack and a velcro-on storage shelf from ikea. Then I can take it apart it and move it when we move in the TV and more furniture. I just love looking at my fabrics. Yes I get joy out of just looking at them…I’m a crazy one!

Let’s talk storing all the beautiful Guetermann thread. I really like those wooden spool racks people have on there desk or hanging on the wall They look a lot prettier. But I like the above option because: 1. I Can’t hag stuff on the wall and have limited desk space 2. I need to transport my thread. So I bought this plastic tool box (or tackel box? perhaps) at the hardware shop for about $12. That way its easy to stow away and doesn’t get dusty. My bobbins go into bobbin cases but some of them end up here too. Oops!

Look here I am weirdly crouching by my bed. I had to show you that my belt matched the lamp…or something…LOL.

Like I said… I can’t put anything on the walls 😦 but I thought that putting a one tiny blob of blu-tak in the wardrobe in order to put up some homemade paper heart bunting would be pretty harmless.

I NEED COLOUR people! I’m sure you understand. My soul will die without colour! I made the two cushion covers on the right. I love the retro feel of the front pillow and I am also digging the orange Ikea lamp (i bought two, one in orange and one in white)

Lets look on my cluttered wardrobe shelf shall we…Can you tell I LOVE orange? If I had my way everything would be orange mwhaha ha.

Anyway as you can see I have a selection of my beloved necklaces on these removable hooks for easy access. The metal removable hooks are super cheap to buy (hot dollar) and it’s handy to be able to take my necklaces down easily when creating outfits! I don’t know what the bar was originally meant for but it’s great for holding the necklaces.

My boyfriend is so lovely he actually let me have the entire wardrobe. His clothes are near his bed on a rack. isn’t he super sweet?!

Anyway there is my humble little place I am SO happy to be living here.

I am almost finished a top from a burdastyle magazine so I can’t wait to post it! In order to write this post I am tethering to my boyfriends tab (because he has data on it). We still don’t have Internet, I’m hoping that we can get it sorted tomorrow. I have so many sewing blogs to catch up on!

Here I am kneeling my way into the picture again. LOL. Cheers!

  1. You are doing a lovely job creating a colorful home! Love the orange. Thanks for sharing!

  2. neeno said:

    Looks great!!! Love the necklaces on the hook idea x

  3. Ana Cuevas said:

    Too cute!!!

  4. helen said:

    it’s looking great! hey after a while maybe you can persuade the bf with those 3m hooks or blutack, you have to have a bit of wear and tear in rentals!! 😉 could you replace the curtains? just put the rental ones away somewhere and hang them up again when/if you move out. I have done that. I have also ‘accidentally’ ripped down horrible vertical blinds hehe and repainted bits of walls where paint came off. i have always got my bond back 🙂
    btw i think i will steal your tackle box idea with the thread spools. good idea!

    • Thanks for the advice! When I’m feeling bold I think I’ll try that too. :D. I’m glad you liked it, please do!

  5. Your place is very cute! All of the orange adds something special. Congratulations!

    • So nice of you to say! I’m glad you like the orange too 🙂

  6. This looks so cute! I love the pops of bright color! If you hate your blinds, you could always put up lightweight curtains using tension rods (they’re adjustable and pressure-fit inside the window frame) and just rehang the blinds before you move out. Or you could maybe even throw up a tension rod in front of the blinds so your curtains hang over top of them. Oh, and your wardrobe shelf looks very organized to me! 🙂

    • Thank you! Thats a good idea! I will be trying that out soon! 🙂

  7. Shona said:

    That garment rack with the fabric cubbies is a great idea! I have both and need extra fabric storage so I may just give that a try. Moving is so not fun…but it’s rewarding in the end. Congrats on the new place 🙂

  8. Thats good to hear 🙂 True, it is rewarding and worthwhile in the end! Thank you 🙂

  9. Matea said:

    its so lovely apartment, i like so much table and chairs! so cute! and im happy that you have space for sewing mashine 🙂

    • Thanks darling 🙂 always space for the sewing machine no matter how small.

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