Handmade Clothing in Action: Butterick 5601 Fitted Floral Dress

Good news! I have rejoined the 21st century :). We now have internet in our apartment (was using Internet on galaxy tab and from my parents house prior to this). I can’t even explain how excited that makes me!

I feel silly for posting a picture of something I already posted/made a long time ago, but the original photos were not good and I wanted to celebrate being able to wear this dress again. The weather is FINALLY getting a little warmer, a very welcome change!

It’s warm enough to wear it today without a cardigan. Miracle!

I originally posted about making this dress here.

The last time I wore this dress was Christmas of last year. For some reason I just love the print of this fabric!

So after I get some work done I am going to get some D.I.Y and sewing youtube videos playing while I cut out my next project. I can’t wait!

  1. Juliet said:

    Oh my – that print would have made me lose my marbles in the fabric shop – so pretty! The dress is a great shape for you as well!

    • Really? I’m glad I’m not the only one mad about this print :). Thank you!

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