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Formerly ‘handmade clothing in action’ I am Re-naming this type of post to “wearing handmade” or perhaps I should call it ‘look I wear the stuff I sew sometimes’.

Today I am wearing a dress I made a year ago. I feel very different about this dress now. I still like the print but I’m not sure about the proportions. The dress has taken on the role of a skirt today. The rest is not handmade only the scrawl/scribble dress.

This outfit feels very 90’s to me. The dress-turned-skirt-for-a-day is sort of a little ‘Clarrisa explains it all’. If you are too young to know this reference you are not missing much (then again at the time I DID envy Clarissa’s Doc Martens).

These photos are sort of gloomy. The lights are pretty florescent (rather than warm) in this place and the walls always seem to look gray when photographed. I vow to take less crappy pictures in future.

I finally scraped some money together and bought a tripod. Now taking pictures is a lot easier so I thought I would post some better pictures of the last dress I made!

Whoops I forgot to iron the skirt before I took the photos and I wore it out to dinner a few nights ago (I promise the pleats are nicer when they are pressed). I was even going to show you the back of the dress but the skirt was really creased… I know ‘excuses, excuses’!

Sewing gods, thank you for being kind to me! The sleeves were eased in with no tucks :). (The secret is two rows of gathering, plenty of pins and patience)

The beige walls and creme walls photograph really badly. Blegh. I hate beige (well as a wall colour anyway). They actually look like a greyish blue in these photos.

One thing I will say about the simplicity 2444 pattern is that if you are thinking about trying it and you have a medium to large size bust the fit is really good and you will not need to tweak the fit much! Those darts do wonders (they are not to high and they give good shape). If you have a smaller bust the bodice will most likely require alterations.

Simplicity 2444 the love affair continues (third dress made using this pattern). I am super happy with this dress, however the pictures of me in it were not so great… I may add some better ones later.

I realize this is not everyones style but I love this crazy fabric. I salvaged the bodice fabric from a strappy summer dress that was not flattering on me. Had to save the fabric because the print was insane in the best possible way.

The black material I used for the skirt is a nice crisp poplin. Not long ago Lincraft had 50% off all fabrics so I bought around 7 meters of the stuff. You can never have enough black fabric. I always buy these kind of things in bulk!

It occurred to me that I don’t usually show the insides of my garments so heres a peek. Once again the bodice and sleeves are fully lined in a thin black cotton (all by machine, no hand stitching involved) Hooray!

That’s another thing I bulk buy: cotton linings and black and white (lawn, batise etc). Always good to have a supply of this stuff and cotton is so much more breathable and way nicer to sew than all those slippery linings (not that they don’t have there place).

I know it’s not pretty: I removed some excess fabric from the neckline so there is absolutely no gaping. Above are alterations I made to the pattern in order to achieve this.
What a lucky fluke, I didn’t think it would work. This was the main reason why I had to make simplicity 2444 again. I had to test my alterations. Here is my tutorial on how to remove gaping. It’s easy to go overboard and remove to much, you don’t want it to restrict your movement.

Sorry another unattractive picture(s). But here are my sewing notes in picture form. I don’t know how many times I have to make this mistake…

I was even going to do a tutorial but alas I made the same mistake I did last time.

Must remember: Do NOT attach sleeve lining to sleeves with right sides of the bodice facing out. Must attach the sleeve to sleeve lining with wrong sides of bodice/lining visible (right sides of sleeve seam allowance together).