Geometric Print Dress

I finally scraped some money together and bought a tripod. Now taking pictures is a lot easier so I thought I would post some better pictures of the last dress I made!

Whoops I forgot to iron the skirt before I took the photos and I wore it out to dinner a few nights ago (I promise the pleats are nicer when they are pressed). I was even going to show you the back of the dress but the skirt was really creased… I know ‘excuses, excuses’!

Sewing gods, thank you for being kind to me! The sleeves were eased in with no tucks :). (The secret is two rows of gathering, plenty of pins and patience)

The beige walls and creme walls photograph really badly. Blegh. I hate beige (well as a wall colour anyway). They actually look like a greyish blue in these photos.

One thing I will say about the simplicity 2444 pattern is that if you are thinking about trying it and you have a medium to large size bust the fit is really good and you will not need to tweak the fit much! Those darts do wonders (they are not to high and they give good shape). If you have a smaller bust the bodice will most likely require alterations.

  1. This so cute on you! I love it! It’s funny, I wouldn’t have guessed this was Simplicity 2444! I love how patterns look so different in each sewist’s version!

    • Thank you! Yes me too. It’s always fun to see how one pattern can be transformed depending on the sewist!

  2. Looks great, love that fabric! I’ve only made the sleeveless version with teh cape collar so far, but want to do the stand up collar with sleeves next. You seem to have long slender arms anyway, but how did you find the sleeve fit? I’ve heard people say they can be a little snug..

    • Thank you! :D. I love your version! It’s so cute and really has a gorgeous 50s vintage look!
      I love that cape collar too! Is it wearable with a regular bra? Sorry I know that sounded odd but I wanted to make this version too, but I wasn’t sure if it would conceal straps.
      The sleeves fit well, there is room for movement in them. When I altered the bodice it seemed to affect the fit of the sleeves making them a little more snug. Strange how that can happen.

      • Oh thanks! The cape collar hides bra straps completley, just like a sleeveless tank and the collar sits over the top, this pattern can do no wrong šŸ™‚

      • Awesome! I will have to try making this view too šŸ™‚

  3. I am a huge fan of your black accents with this fabric! And that heart bunting does help to break up the wall…so cute!

  4. This pattern is so much more versatile than the envelope would have you think! This is adorable!!

  5. You are making me want to get up right this second and go buy this pattern. The photos and info you’ve posted is SO helpful! I am going to go buy it, but wondered about the lining the bodice like you did, rather than facing. Was it tricky enough that it needs a tutorial or do you have any tips? Really–great job, your fabric choices, mixing black/print, so good!

  6. Thank you Thats so nice of you to say! It is a little tricky. I was actually making a tutorial on how to attach the lining (whilst making this dress) but I still attached incorrectly and had to re-do it to get it right. I think with a bit more experience I will create a tutorial!
    It is hard to explain and I worry about confusing people rather than helping them.

  7. Zoe said:

    Cute dress, the pop of colour with the geometric dress looks great.That’s good about the pattern, I always have to do tons of alterations in the bust area and it’s such a pain. Simplicity seems to be a bit more bust-friendly than other patterns I’ve found.

    • Thanks. Yes I agree. I have good luck with the project runway series in particular!

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