Wearing Handmade: Stripey Sun Dress (as skirt)

Formerly ‘handmade clothing in action’ I am Re-naming this type of post to “wearing handmade” or perhaps I should call it ‘look I wear the stuff I sew sometimes’.

Today I am wearing a dress I made a year ago. I feel very different about this dress now. I still like the print but I’m not sure about the proportions. The dress has taken on the role of a skirt today. The rest is not handmade only the scrawl/scribble dress.

This outfit feels very 90’s to me. The dress-turned-skirt-for-a-day is sort of a little ‘Clarrisa explains it all’. If you are too young to know this reference you are not missing much (then again at the time I DID envy Clarissa’s Doc Martens).

These photos are sort of gloomy. The lights are pretty florescent (rather than warm) in this place and the walls always seem to look gray when photographed. I vow to take less crappy pictures in future.

  1. Neeno said:

    It’s a cute dress! So colorful and fun. Your photos looks great 🙂

  2. Oh, I like this dress, and it’s fun that you’re able to wear it as a skirt, too!

  3. I like it, what shoes did you wear?

    • Thank you :)! Lo-tops and then ballet flats.

      • excellent choices!

      • Thanks!

  4. Jen said:

    Love it as a skirt, especially with that top! I feel like lots of people are talking about Clarissa Explains it All lately and I’ve never seen that show. I’m a little worried I’m to old for it, hahaha…sigh. Or maybe it’s just because I’ve never had cable.

    • Wow.Thank you kindly :). haha funnily enough I don’t remember too much about the show itself, just the opening credits and her wacky outfits, I don’t think you missed out on too much.

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