Inspiration/current project: My mod dress obsession


Above: The inspiration for my next project(s) Click for bigger version of the inspiration image!

Apologies for how boring this blog has become. I have had to cut back on sewing due to problems with my legs (when I sew).

Anyway the thing is I LOVE clothing from the mid to late 60s (fav fashion era!) and I have become obsessed with trying to find a good pattern for a mod-style shift dress.

There are so many great makes all over the internet inspired by this kind of look. Cat, Gertie, Erica and Chanel just to mention a few!

I love the ease and simplicity of this kind of look.

In the past I have made looser darted shift dresses, but the fit has never been good.

I think I have found pattern to fulfill my dream of a late 60s look!

Enter Butterick 5607 view b (shortened version)…

If you look at the sewn dress on the pattern envelope it has this awful 90s pastel prom styling, but looking at the technical drawing it’s clear that it is a good base to achieve the look I want.

So basic! Princess seams/pannel lines are where its at!

Princess seams are much easier to fit and alter and super flattering on curves PLUS they are so quick to sew! There will be no marking and fussing around with darts for a change!

If I manage to make this pattern work for me I will make a ton of dresses with collars, colour clocking etc. A wardrobe of  these dresses mwhahahaha *ahem* sorry bit over excited!

So I have made two muslins of this pattern, just taking some excess out from the bust (hopefully making the bust less weird and pointy) I have also cut out the altered pattern in my fashion fabric, so I am on my way!

  1. The inspiration dresses are adorable! I love these little mod scooter dresses– they’re such a fun style!

    • Yes! 🙂 I could see you in the yellow one!

  2. I’m also on a mod shift dress obsession at the moment, I thought I had it all figured out purchasing Simplicity 1609 and it was going to be perfect and I was going to make so many versions… but alas it’s giving me nothing but grief with the sizing and fit! I’m going to search for a different A-line pattern that doesn’t require so much altering… interested to see how yours goes!

    • Thanks Lonnie
      Yes! I can empathize! I was so excited about Simplicity 1609 as well, but I have been burned by darted shift dresses in the past too many times.

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