Apartment decor: Quick drawer make over

Living in a small apartment storage is very important! I keep my makeup in some plastic drawers but they were not pretty, so I gave them a new look…

I don’t care if I am juvenile! I reserve the right to bring color and crazy pattern into my life wherever I go!


I just used wrapping paper to cover the front of the drawers. The wrapping paper is from cotton on. I made a template by tracing around the front of the drawer with paper then I refined the shape with my gridded pattern-making ruler.


Then I stuck double sided sticky tape on the drawer, peeled it of and put the wrapping paper on the front. Ah double sided tape, reminds me of design school…



This is how they looked before. ugly see-though plastic drawers aw :(….



Horray! happy colourful fun drawers! (I’m a weird one aren’t i?)!

Want to see whats in my drawers? probably not but i’ll show you anyway!


My makeup brushes! They would get way too dusty if I just kept them on my table.


While we are on the subject of makeup… I don’t wear a lot, but my favorite kind is eyeliner!

I love all kinds if eyeliner: pencil, gel, liquid felt tips but at the moment I am loving mechanical liner. It givers a softer look than liquid.

I love this tip: When doing a winged eyeliner look and you are doing the flick, use small brush with a power eyeshadow to map out the line, then if you get it wrong just dust it of to redo it. When you are happy then go over the eyeshadow with your gel or pencil. Brilliant!


In Australia makeup is REALLY expensive.It’s tricky to find matte eye shadow that is affordable, but rimmel have a black and a brown eyeshadow with no glitter or sparkle in it. :). I use it all time!


I keep my lipstick in a lower drawer because I don’t use it much. I am not good at wearing it! I can’t keep it on and I don’t suit many shades.
Does anyone have any advice? I have small lips, I prefer matte lipsticks (I don’t like lipsticks with frost or glitter) I snack a lot and lipstick stays on for about 15 minutes max.

  1. What a cute upgrade! I love the added color and fun! I’m not very good at applying makeup, but I wear it every day. I use a thick soft kohl eyeliner and a sort of reflective gold eyeshadow, then I use cheap black mascara and my favorite product, Benetint cheek stain by Benefit. It gives a really natural, pretty blush effect.

  2. Thanks :). I will have to look out for that cheek stain. I am always on the lookout for a good blush!

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