The ‘test-this-pattern’ skirt

Wow guys! I made sewing plans and I stuck to them (that is so unlike me). It may be a little boring…. I wanted to make a skirt using new look 6128, so I could test out the pattern just to see if it was worthy of special fabric.

I wore this outfit today and photographed it when I got home meaning that this is how the skirt looked after a day in the city. This denim is lovely and pretty crease-resistant I think I bought it at the remnant warehouse a long time ago.

redskirt01 redskirt02 redskirt04 redskirt05You can see some creasing on the back, but that was after a whole day of wearing it.redskirt06

The verdict on the skirt: It goes with a lot and I like the a-line shape. I love things in bold solid colours! BUT I did have some issues with the skirt shifting around on my body while I walked. Suddently the side seam would be at the front. SO annoying! is it a bad fit, or can I remedy the situation by adding a belt and belt loops to my next version?

Because I took it in so much it sits above the waist, I think I like it but I’m not sure if it’s flattering. I can never tell when I make skirts If I am going to like them. Does it sit too high?

The new look 6128 pattern was not without its problems…Just as I remembered new look patterns have WAAAAAAAAAY too much sewing ease. Perhaps I should just sew with bigger seam allowances whenever I use new look patterns


Alterations I made to the pattern:

I cut out the pattern size 8 but I ended up taking the skirt in by around 6mm in the waistband, side seams and the center back (before I installed the zipper).

If I try on an australian size 8 skirt in a store it would be on the snug side but I was positively swimming in the newlook size 8.

I also lengthened the darts on the back of the skirt  by about 4cms. The darts could probably do with being wider I am not blessed with a round behind…Its kind of awesome how lengthening the darts can fix the fit like that. So if your behind is like mine and on the flatter side try lengthening the darts!

I can’t remember if I shortened the skirt but I think the skirt part is around 42cms long (not including the waistband)

I LOVE patch pockets on skirts and I did cut out the triangular ones, but they were not doing it for me.

I wanted to cut out rounded patch pockets but I couldn’t find the remaining red denim so instead side-tab things with buttons for decoration. I do enjoy an oversized button or two (I found these ones at a dollar store haha)!

I could have done a much better job with those tabs…ah well you can’t get too hung up on these things…

Next time I use this pattern:

I want to do a lapped dress zipper, much better for heavier weight fabric and for skirts. I actually find invisible zips much easier and I have not used a non-invisible zipper in a sewing project since I was a teenager. I’m sort of scared.

I’m hoping my adding belt loops (and belt) it will stop the skirt shifting around on my body as I walk.

  1. Your skirt looks great. You aren’t alone when it comes to skirts walking around your body – I’ve had it happen to me too. I *think* it’s when they’re a bit too loose around the waist and don’t have anything to anchor them, probably in combination with something else. What’s worse is when it’s the skirt part of a dress that’s trying to twist around or the lining in a dress, I’ve had that happen too – didn’t wear that particular dress again. Your skirt doesn’t look like it’s too high, in fact it still looks as though it’s riding a bit below your natural waist.

    • thank you! Ah i’m glad i’m not the only one that has experienced that. Sounds likely that it needs to be anchored by a belt. I guess how clothes will fear during wear is sometimes hard to gauge!

  2. I think this looks so cute on you! I love it! I have the skirt sneaking around thing, too, on anything that doesn’t sit at my natural waist (and I rarely like to wear skirts that high, so it’s basically every time I wear a skirt).

    • Well come visit me anytime and I will teach you! 🙂

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