Upcoming project: Simplicity 1609

Sorry I don’t have a finished project to share. Despite having time to sew, I have been spending much more time doing refashions on items in my refashion pile (I never seem to document these).

Anyway I have been positively itching to try simplicity 1609. So many amazing versions of this around the blogosphere and 60s shift dresses are what I’m about!  I’m making a wearable muslin…


The fabric is quite a boring beige stretch sateen (I usually hate beige but it was super cheap find from years ago) Anyway to make it more interesting I am doing a chevron effect on the center from seam.

Lets hope it works!

  1. The fabric is pretty exciting! will you be matching up the diagonal lines? I always forget to match the fabric when i cut. Oops! I’ve just done a whole bunch or refashions and repairs. Boring but essential!

    • 🙂 I will be matching the lines along the center front seam of the dress. I am not so bothered about matching the side seams.
      Yes those things must be done. Refashions and repairs may be less fun (in theory) but I also find these end up being some of my favorite things in my wardrobe (because they are tailored/edited).

  2. Ooh, I’m excited to see this! The stripes will look bold and cool, not boring at all! I like this pattern, but I don’t really like CF seams, so I’m looking forward to seeing your version a lot.

    • Thanks Ginger :). I know what you mean about CF seams, I they can be so awkward and break up patterns of fabric in a bad way. That’s why I wanted to use it on stripes.

    • You are spot on. If its different to the original or you are transforming something it’s much more fun!

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