On the sewing pile (March/April project plans)

For my birthday month these next few projects are going to be easy and fun, I guess the common theme is: testing out patterns.

I am always on the quest for an excellent TNT (tried and tested pattern). My approach these days is a lot more about trying lots of different patterns to find the standouts, rather than spending all my time perfecting the fit of one pattern, making countless muslin’s -there is something to be said about doing things that way, but this is how I like to do things now!


Current status: Skirt is cut out with interfacing fused to waistband


Current status: Bodice cut out, collar and skirt fabric ready (but not cut out), interfacing not cut out yet


Status: Skirt cut out (I may have cut a size too small, we shall see!) interfacing not yet cut out

And now for the ‘potential projects’ or mere daydream projects…


I left the mad men challenge dress out (as it was already blogged) and I also left my latest project off this list because it’s very close to completion, expect to see it very soon!

Sorry if these projects are somewhat boring… after I have tested these out I’m sure I will do something much more interesting.

  1. Alice said:

    Aw how cute!! I love your inspiration boards! Great projects in the pipeline. I have Burda 7309 in my stash, and will be very excited to see what you make! xx

    • Yay! Thanks Alice. There is a shortage of reviews for Burda 7309 so I am also curious about how it will turn out!

  2. Ooh these are really fun! I love the looks of the Burda Young dress!

    • Thanks! It has a cheat peter pan collar (meaning its only on the front of the dress) the cool part about that is it means it may actually sit flat!

  3. Wow, all of those are so cute. Can’t wait to see the full pleated skirt! That Simplicity patch pocket skirt is similar to one I made but I still think I want to try that pattern for the fitting tips.

    • So glad your interested in the pleated skirt! I have been on the hunt for a pleated skirt pattern for sometime, hoping this one will do the trick. Must check out the fitting tips (I don’t always read pattern instructions) so thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  4. I admire you working on different patterns at once. How do you decide which to work on when though?! Once I start sewing something I become overwhelmed with ideas other things I want to sew… and then I end up not sewing anything!

    • I know just what you mean! I have my share of UFOS and I may not finish all of these. Sometimes I get bored halfway through too!
      This time I decided on these patterns because I was curious about the fit of these patterns and the fabrics are not that special or fancy, so I knew I wouldn’t be worried if they did not go so well (since I have never tried any of these patterns before).

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