Ladylike pleated skirt (Burda 7034)

Hello lovely people! Just a quick skirt project to show you!

Burda-7034-01Burda-7034-02I have to apologize for the store bought top (I thought it went with the skirt!)

Burda-7034-03Burda-7034-04If I’m feeling daring I suppose it’s semi-acceptable to wear it with a cropped top (not sure this would be the right one)


Burda-7034-06The insides and Invisible zipper!

Burda-7034-05Here’s a picture of it on the hanger (hoping you have already forgotten how the back looks…)


Why?/materials: I wanted to try Burda 7034… I’ve been in love with pleated skirts for a long time.

I also wanted to see if I could make a skirt from a dress pattern by using just the skirt portion and adding a straight waistband to it (not really a new idea but I hadn’t tried it before) . I’m happy to report that it was reasonably successful…projectplan-burda7034-ed

The downside is I always seem to have a honeymoon period after I have made a skirt, I get excited that I can mix and match it with things but then I NEVER end up wearing it, so who knows how this one will fair…

The cotton fabric was purchased as a full roll of discounted fabric a long time ago. I have also made a dress from this fabric way back in 2012.

So what does this one have going for it?

  • So quick to whip up!
  • I like a fuller skirt with short hair
  • I may have got the length right this time…
  • Using my special foot to do a blind machine hem is always swell!

So what do I dislike?

  • There is some funky stuff happening in the back. I’m OK with pleats in the back (because I wouldn’t mind some *ahem* added volume in the back) but I’m not sold on the positing of pleats on the back.
  •  I wanted this skirt to be a little more snug, and sit higher on the waist. The waistband is just a straight piece of fabric, so that is probably not helping things…(If I make this again I may size down).
  • The back has a little puckering, but it does not bother me enough to mean I’ll fix it…

Fitting notes:

In order to determine the length of the waistband (well also width) I took my measurments and I wrote down the length of waistbands already in my wardrobe. Measuring things you own and love is often a good way to get an idea of how you like things to fit.

After attaching the waistband to the skirt and trying it on I ended up shortening the waistband by about 3.5cm, it was pretty easy to do after the fact, by cutting off the excess fabric.

The dress pattern/skirt was a size 8. I sewed the seam allowance in twice (s.a was 3cms before trimming) I will remove 1.5cms from the pattern or go down a size if I make this again.

Would also be cool to add some kind of shaping to the waistband, darts or elastic…

I don’t remember if I shortened the initial skirt pattern, but I ended up cutting off 11cms before hemming

I must remember to make all these changes to the pattern I have not done it yet!

So that’s one item in the sewing pile done!

It was pretty fun to make! If you happen to have some left-over fabric, consider using the skirt portion of a dress pattern you like, to make a skirt!
    • Thank you x. Wise words (also often true in design and art)

  1. Lovely skirt. I think it would go well with either navy blue, or perhaps green tops. I too love the idea of making a skirt out of a dress pattern. I started it once, but then got very excited when I realised I have more fabric that I thought and turned it into a dress.

    • Thanks! Yes, I must agree… when in doubt make a dress :)!

  2. Laurel said:

    Very cute! I’ve had the same problem with my self drafted waist bands not fitting closely enough. I wonder if maybe the side seams could be angled in or would that lead to the skirt hanging incorrectly?

    • Thanks! yes I was thinking of something similar perhaps even experimenting with darts…..I think tapering it in would work,Or perhaps putting elastic in one portion of it.

  3. Erika said:

    I have done this before, made a skirt from a dress pattern, and in a similar style. Mine was purely by mistake but it worked out well. Yours looks great!! 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 Cool! It just goes to show, sometimes amazing things come from what was originally a mistake…sometimes It’s good to improvise!

  4. This is cute! I love the voluminous pleats! I’m working on a skirt right now that’s the lower half of a dress- it’s a good way to get more bang for your buck from patterns! 🙂 I like it with the crop top!

    • Cool! I can’t wait to see it :)! Yes! Tis part of the fun of sewing love re-using and tweaking things. Thanks!

  5. What a great idea. It’s even better when the pattern comes with the skirt only option. That print is so pretty, makes we crave the spring and sun. I really like it with the cropped top.

    • Thanks Kat! It does have a summery feel, glad to hear it :)!

  6. Ines said:

    It looks really cute with the cropped top!

  7. This is so cute! That fabric is really amazing, too. Thanks for sharing your pattern notes, I love seeing how people adapt their patterns and put together their creations!

    • Thank ya :D. Me too! It’s interesting to heat about the process!

  8. Gah I always do that. I think “I’ll totally remember next time how much I shortened the skirt by”, etc and I never write it down. Always ends up with me having to make the same amends all over.
    Let’s not overlook this is a very cute skirt! Now go make a note on your pattern missy!!

  9. Gah! I’m always doing this. I say “I’m sure I’ll remember how much I shortened the skirt next time” etc and don’t make a pattern note. It always ends with me redoing all my alterations.
    Let’s not overlook that this is a very lovely skirt. But go and make a pattern note missy!! :-p

    • Thanks. Haha. Typical isn’t it? I make a lot of pattern notes but I get confused because when I initially cut the pattern I will shorten it by a certain amount, before I cut into my fabric then later when I try on I will shorten it again (and only note that amount). Perhaps the thing to go is just not the total length of the skirt (that is still there) hehe

  10. It’s very pretty – very Orla Kiely especially with the navy and white blouse! Love it!

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