Neckline alteration to burda 7056 (dot shift dress)

I got a question about how much I lowered the neckline of my Burda shift dress (Burda 7056). So I thought, why not just post what the alteration looked like?!

Please click on the image below to enlarge it!


Edit: I forgot to add that I lowered the neckline by 4cms (thats over an inch in imperial measurements).

You can see it isn’t the original pattern from the envelope.

This is because I trace the original sewing pattern, that way if I need to make a different size I can. Does anyone else re-trace their patterns? It is a lot of work….I know some people fold the size of the pattern they want to cut out, but that doesn’t work for me.

I confess that I often buy doubles of the same pattern, that way I have one altered version and one with all the sizes.

Note how even after I altered the neckline of this dress, it still sits pretty high. So if you are working with this pattern and you don’t like tight/restrictive necklines, you will probably want to alter this!

  1. I always trace patterns these days. It’s not just for keeping the unaltered version; I find paper easier to work with than tissue.

    • Yes! Tissue can be annoying, especially when transferring darts! I buy this burda tracing paper, which is still tissue paper but it’s a thicker than the regular pattern tissue they come on.

  2. Aline said:

    I always trace patterns as well. Partially because of the reasons you mentioned, partially because I am very careful with my sewing things, and cutting means sort of ruining it in my eyes. I am also able to lend the pattern to others this way, which I have done several times already, with multiple patterns. I must say, because I am most familiar with Burdastyle, Ottobre, and magazines like that, I am used to tracing patterns, so I don’t consider it to be too much extra effort (hopefully this is English, I am struggling with the phrase, pft).

    • Yes that’s a good point! It must be fun to swap and lend patterns to others. I wish I had friends that were into sewing! I trace out of Burdastyle magazine too. I much prefer to trace those patterns out! I know some people print them and tape them together, but that doesn’t work for me, especially when you consider the cost of printing ink cartridges!
      Your English made perfect sense! Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve come around to tracing too, to preserve the original better. It does take longer but I think it helps me understand how the pattern comes together (or could be altered). Owning doubles would be great too though!

    • Interesting! I had no idea so many people traced πŸ™‚ True it does give you a more intimate understanding of the pattern! I only ever buy doubles (well any patterns really) when there is a big sale on patterns. In Australia the cheapest you can ever get patterns is around $6. When they are not on sale they are over $10, which is pretty crazy!

      • Oooh, no, that’s not cheap! They’re pretty expensive in Ireland too, especially if postage is involved. It’s actually been a big factor in encouraging me towards indie pattern pdfs!

      • Good to support the indie designers! I am usually deterred by the shipping prices for those patterns, but thats not a problem if you print them yourself πŸ™‚

  4. I should start tracing patterns too…I am just starting to alter my patterns, so thanks for posting that. I love that dress by the way! Makes me want to try a shift dress.

    • Glad you found it useful! You should definitely try a shift dress they are so quick and easy to make! πŸ™‚

      • Is this the one you recommend, or the Simplicity 1609?

  5. I think overall Simplicity 1609 is better. I like the looser style of the Burda 7056, but its not bra-friendly, therefore its less practical!

  6. Kathryn said:

    I always trace now, even PDF patterns so I don’t have to do the tedious cutting & sellotaping more than once. I have one pattern I used early on that I cut straight out of the pack & now, post-baby when I’d like to make a size up, I can’t. I suppose I can grade it out but if only I hadn’t cut it it would be a lot easier!

    • Yes! You never know when you might need the same design in a different size, and it’s annoying not to have access to the size you want when you know it’s a good pattern!
      I have never got the hang of grading things, it would be a useful skill to have, but yeah, a LOT more work!

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