The impromptu woven tee in cotton gingham

I made a loose woven tee! As usual I had to ham it up for the cameras and play dress ups with my new tee, please forgive me, it’s all in fun!

(Click to enlarge the images. My annoying wordpress template shrinks them. Must get on that soon!)



I think this is a good top for wearing with skinny jeans or tight fitting bottoms, the loose fit of the top makes it a bit more relaxed and I guess ‘demure’.






The top goes with a lot of accessories…Gingham is practically a neutral right? well I’m sure that’s debatable!


With a leather brooch I made. Is it too silly/clown like? I kind of love stylized daisies (perhaps it’s a 60s thing)

Sewing/Fitting notes: 


Above: I did an invisible hem on the sleeves and the bottom of the top. Still obsessed with my invisible hem foot!


Above: up close and personal with my tee!

Sewing notes: The original plan was to make a shift dress using the pattern New look 6225, which was the same pattern as i used for  this dress. I thought this quick project would be a fabulous antidote to drama I had with my Mad Men Megan dress.

LOL have a look at my pattern notes (perhaps I need a better system)….


I remember transfering all the alterations/changes to the pattern tissue, the last time I made this dress, but somehow the fit was looser and it came out a lot more boxy than I wanted it to!

Unlike my first shift dress using new look 6225, this one does not not have a CB seam (but that’s what the pattern intended) perhaps that had an effect on the fit?

The gingham I used is also less drapey, it’s a bit crisp and has a lovely hand. I bought it during a 40% off sale at lincraft around $6 a meter. Anyway really not sure why the fit is so much looser…

I always intended this fabric to be a shift dress but I tried it on and it looked like hospital scrubs (not cute). So I thought “wow I better shorten it!” -That’s when I went far too crazy and shortened it too much. It seem’s to be a mistake I often make. I like short dresses but this is too short. It was that weird no-mans land between ‘top’ and ‘mini dress’, just covering the bum.

As you can see below it was too boxy, but also too short to be a dress and I didn’t feel like taking it in at the side seams


I could either add a contrasting band to the bottom or shorten it into a top.

I’m so glad I shortened it and made it into a top, because this top goes with almost anything! I like how it’s slightly cropped, but its still a little modest because of how loose it is.

I cut this dress/pattern some time ago, but I decided to time my sewing. It took about 3.50 hrs (not inc cutting time), then an additional 2 hrs when I umed and erred over shortening it for the 3rd time.

A loose woven tee is actually the perfect addition the my wardrobe. It’s one of those basics that’s not super exciting when blogged, but when added to a wardrobe like mine, its a real workhorse. After trying it on in daylight, I think the top is actually too wide, if you took some excess fabric out of the cf it would sit much better, but it’ll do 😉

That was a crazy long winded post for such a simple project, need to learn to edit!

Time for me to go eat and vacuum up the endless sewing threads that cover my living room/sewing nook and thanks to this project I leave you with this “sewing wisdom”



  1. Mette said:

    Love the top. So many things it go with,Newell done,nice photos

    • Thanks Mum! Gingham reminds me of you, so it’s a very special fabric to me 🙂

  2. Kathryn said:

    It’s a very cute top! I really like the cropped top styled that are in this spring even though, having just had a baby, they’re definitely not for me! I can totally see how this will be a real workhorse for you!

  3. Very cute! I,like this pattern, just bought it online as PDF but can’t download it! Grrr! So I’m going to try to draft my own raglan pattern using a 60’s Enid Gilchrist sewing magazine. My best friend has a gorgeous raglan shift dress by Gorman, where the body is a sheer flocked velvet and the sleeves are solid black silk – this pattern would be perfect to replicate it.

    • Ooh! That sounds lovely! I love the idea of making a raglan shift dress with contrasting sleeves, I have been wanting to do that too! Hope it works out :)!

  4. Sweet top! I think the cropped style goes really well with the vintage feel of that gingham. I have some blue and navy gingham waiting for me to make a woven T from – now I have some clearer inspiration! 🙂 (Love the detachable daisy too, nice use of spare binding!)

    • Thanks so much! I’m thrilled to have inspired you! Gingham lovers unite! hehe 🙂

  5. i think i might just leave your pic up all weekend in an effort to remind myself that CUTE TEES ARE BRILLIANT and i must make some (you know, instead of another evening dress).

    speaking of pics, if you bail on WP and switch to blogger, the free templates all let you play with post body width (mine’s set to like 696…just sayin…)

    • AW 🙂 Yes! Great for easy dressing warm weather. Your evening dresses are always fabulous so I can’t blame you for making more!
      Wow didn’t know that, that does sound tempting, I just might!

  6. That broach is the best idea ! Genius! Cute top.

    • Thanks Kat 🙂 I feel less silly about it now. Good project if you have some leather scraps lying around!

  7. Loved this top when I first saw it on instagram. Enjoyed the different outfit photos here, you can wear it in so many different ways. I like the idea of black and white with a bit of red too 🙂 Glad you thought of making it into a cropped top, it was a brilliant save 🙂

    • Thanks Erin, you are so sweet and glad you like it! 🙂 😀

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