Me made may 14 (so far so good)

Despite the fact that I never pledged to join, I decided on a whim to be part of the proceedings, even if it was somewhat unoffical.

Zoe has been running “me made may” (where you post pictures of youself wearing your handmade duds) for a long time… I have always enjoyed seeing all you lovely sewing bloggers wear and celebrate the things you make.

I don’t know why I never participated before, but now that I have a fancy new phone, its relativley quick to snap what I’m wearing, even if that means filling instagram up with WAY too many selfies.

It’s really interesting to see which items I have made that I actually find useful and enjoy wearing, it really does give you a new perspective. I am so inspired by the sewing community, it’s filled with friendly lovely people!


2nd of May (Me-made-item: Pleated cotton skirt) I do love a pleated skirt! Here is the blog post for this make I don’t normally wear my skirts this long. I love the print, but I did feel a little ‘frumpy dumpy’ when I went grocery shopping. I had to wear sandals, stockings and I carry a granny trolley because I use it for food shopping, here’s the full look just for laughs…

My style is always cute and sweet rather than sexy. I think it tends to work better for summer clothing. In winter it takes it to a bit of a daggy place?



3rd of May (Me-made-item: Peter pan collar dress) I made this dress back in 2012 (blogged here). A lot of the dresses I made back then are too big for me now, but I’m hanging onto them in-case I go up a size or two. That’s another challenge of sewing for yourself, everyone’s body changes over time and so do our tastes, but this lovely dress is still 100% me. The dress ended up shrinking in the wash, so now it fits me again. I’m not actually a massive fan of cardigans. I like them on other people, just not on me. But whats a girl to do when its cold out and she wants to wear her dress?



4th of May (Me-made-item: Refashioned skirt) Not the most exciting look. But I do love the skirt. It’s the kind of skirt that would look much better with a fitted top or summery crop top, but its COLD, so I opted for a jumper that was a bit boring/conservative! This skirt was a re-fashion. I didn’t blog about it here, because I never blog refashions. I probably should, but I always forget to take a before photo. Anyway this skirt used to be an empire line sundress, I wore it that way too, then one day I chopped off the bodice, added a new zip and hand-stitched it at the waistband. I do love seersucker!



5th of May  (Me-made-item: floral sheath dress)This was the outfit I felt happiest/most stylish in, but I think that has more to do with the leather jacket than the ‘me made’ element of the outfit. The dress is handmade I blogged about it here. I had to layer it under a jumper of course. I never seem to make winter clothing. I don’t like cold weather much. At first I get excited about wearing layers, but it’s not long before I dream of being in a sundress again!


6th of May  (Me-made-item: red denim skirt) Today was my mums birthday so I wore red in her honor! The red skirt I wore is one I made some time ago blogged here. I quite like the button details on the skirt and the sturdy denim It’s made from. But I feel like it’s almost TOO A-line….It was a new look  pattern so I adjusted the crap out of it. This probably accounts for the weird shape!



7th of May (Me-made-item: black blouse)  I had one of those “Blah” days we all have sometimes (terrible hair etc)! I didn’t feel like dressing up (which unlike me, I usually live for dressing up). I am sort of cheating with this one. I did not make the sweater , but I did make the black shirt with the rounded collar, you can see peaking out from under my sweater. I never blogged it, because I made it way before I started blogging. I think I may have been in my teens/early 20s when I made it. The pattern was from a burda magazine.

I gotta say I love all this dressing up, styling outfits etc. I am a total girl at heart and I spend a bit too much  time thinking about clothing and personal style!

  1. You are so cute! I’m so glad you’re doing MMM this year! I hate cardigans on myself, too- I feel frumpy and grandma-like in them. I realized this after last Me-Made-May, and sewed a couple of blazers afterwards. I much prefer layering with blazers or jackets rather than cardigans. I’m thinking of making a couple of jacket-y things out of thick knits, so I’ll have the ease of a cardigan with an edgier shape. I have a RTW cropped peacoat thingy that’s made out of sweatshirt fleece and works with EVERYTHING, so I should really knock that off and make one. 🙂

    • Aw 🙂 It was your instagram post that inspired me to take part last minute :). That is such a good point! I really need to try my hand at a blazer, jacket or some kind of outerwear, it’s what really MAKES an outfit and I would learn so much!
      Jackets made from knits…I like that idea too! Sounds awesome! I often wear jackets indoors (because I am always cold), but sometimes it feels a bit silly to wear a heavy jacket. I look forward to seeing that! 🙂

  2. Anne W said:

    I love your outfits, they’re cute & stylish & totally desirable.

  3. Lovely outfits. It is fun trying to think of different combos and change up the routine! I wish I could wear skirts and dresses to work! 🙂

    • Thanks! I always enjoy creating new outfits too :)!

  4. I think that you’re being too hard on yourself and your style. Everything you wore was cute, there was nothing frumpy in the bunch!

    • Aw Thanks for the encouragement :)! Perhaps you are right! Just gotta get used to dressing for colder weather!

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