Things I learnt from ‘Me-Made-May’

mmmay02‘Me-Made-May’ outfits

A. Bold blue summer dress    B. Orange penguin dress    C. Chevron 60’s dress    D. Mod tulip dress    E. Re-fashioned skirt (not blogged)    F. Magnified dot shift dress    G. Black and white chevron dress    H. Easy leopard skirt


I really don’t know why I haven’t done ‘Me-made-may‘ before! It has seriously given me perspective on wearing handmade and what works for my wardrobe!

Going to make a confession here-….even though I sew, I usually don’t wear handmade things every single day, especially when the weather is colder (but this has to change, jumper and jeans everyday can get boring). I tend to sew summer pieces, so it has been a fun challenge working some of my summer makes into cold-weather outfits! Me-made-may really makes you asses the kind of outfits you wear day-to day, what pieces suit your lifestyle and what handmade pieces you love to wear!

Here are some lessons I have learnt:

1. Layering collared shirts under shift dresses is awesome– This was a brilliant styling revelation to me (for some reason). I love anything with a collar (especially dresses) and it can give your shift dresses a fun new look!

2. I really need to make more skirts and solid coloured separates! When you have a solid skirt you can mix and match seamlessly with almost anything and but it’s often way more fun/less standard than jeans!  I’m so attracted to prints, but for that very reason I really need more solid coloured items in my wardrobe! Natalie Jane of ‘Natalie Jane Handmade’  has this fabulous pink pencil skirt I have been seriously coveting (Btw- this girl really knows how to dress LOVE her MMMay outfits!).

3. Find cardigan alternatives I find cardigans to be a necessary evil in the colder weather.  So cute on other people, but a bit frumpy on me…hmm what to do….I need something to layer over dresses and tops.Something that is not too long or bulky (making all my short sleeved dresses wearable, while adding warmth)….I mentioned this in my last post and the lovely Ginger of ‘Ginger Makes’ mentioned she was thinking of making blazers in heavy knits. Ah, Of course! Blazers! Brilliant!  I have yet to make my own, but I sneakily bought some inexpensive cropped ponti ones and they are brilliant! Now I can show off my handmade skirts and dresses, but still look ‘put together’. I think it’s about time I tackle/sew a cropped jacket or some smart cold weather-layering pieces!

I’d love to follow more sewists on instagram! I’m @kathborup, is that how you write it? I’m a bit of a social media noob 😉

Till next time, keep sewing 🙂




    • Thank you, as do you! Love all the bright colours 🙂

  1. vmtr4life said:

    I have been enjoying your style during MMMay! Favorite on my feed…..your dresses are amazing! I have also been noticing a huge need for more solids also.

    • Thank you! 🙂
      Yes! I’m always so tempted to buy prints when I’m in the fabric store, must remember the wardrobe-stretching-potential of the solid colours!

  2. You are so cute! I have to say, I’m wearing a recently-made solid-colored dress today and I hate it! I wish it was a print! But I really do need to make some more mix & match pieces. Love that pink pencil skirt!

    • Hehe really? Yes cute ‘mix and match pieces’ well put! That’s what I want more of too! Yes! I have yet to make a pencil skirt for myself that I like! Must get on that too!

  3. Hi, it looks as though Me Made May is a great opportunity to showcase your handmade wardrobe! There are lots of items I wish I could steal therefrom, hehe 😉 You have some really funky garments, and I totally share your appreciation of bold colours and prints! I guess I’ll just take some inspiration from you and start sewing! Good luck for the rest of the month, you’ve been doing great so far!

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment! 🙂 So good to meet another bold colour and print lover! Learning to sew sounds like the perfect hobby for you (no more being limited to what colours stores decide are in fashion)! Happy sewing 😉

  4. Elle said:

    Loveeeeeee your makes! I have the opposite problem; I feel a bit stiff in a blazer and love cardigans, but I need to break my addiction to cheap RTW ones! I have a friend who has promised to teach me to knit this winter…I’m a excited and a bit terrified!

    • Thanks so much! 🙂
      Awesome! should be so much better learning with a friend as a teacher!

  5. great outfits! i tend to sew more warm weather things too. it must be an Aussie thing, pretending thats its warm when really were shivvering on the couch with all our jumpers layered over

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