Green daisy shift dress

I just don’t know lovely people, I just don’t know!

I’m truly a complete kid at heart so part of me LOVES this dress, the other part of me (probably the boring grown up part) feels a bit clown-like…

so…. I made another loose-fittting A-line shift dress (how did you guess?!)




It’s funny how in the photos the green in the dress looks entirely different. In the pictures it looks like a faded blue-green, but in real life it’s more of a bright grass green or kelly green (which I much prefer). I’m just not really in the mood to fuss with colours in photoshop…sorry! Another time perhaps!




My mum bought me the fabric for this dress on a visit to my flat and I feel for it immediately: The glorious green shade and the stylized daisies, it was “cute” in fabric form!

The print on the fabric also has this big black and white swirly detail (pretty cool), but I felt unsure about having a big hairy looking swirl on the front of my dress, so I decided to cut the front out as two pieces, thereby avoiding the black part of the print (and adding a center front seam), it’s still featured on the back anyway ;).

I covered the CF seam with a navy blue drill strip- I could go on about nitty gritty sewing stuff, only I’m not sure how exciting it is to read. Do you want to know about my strip positioning technique? yikes! that sounded sort of wrong/odd didn’t it?

I lined the entire dress with a thin cotton, just like I did with my Tulip Dress. I was happy that I hemmed the dress and the lining pieces individually before attaching the lining to the dress. Must remember that in future!

I felt like the dress needed something so I decided to add decorative buttons.

I umed and erred over the buttons (trying different ones/colours) and I’m not sure how well it turned out. As you can see I covered some buttons with swirl motif portion of the fabric so now it kind of looks like a mish mash of disjointed lines so…. yeah…….TOTALLY intentional 😉

I altered the pattern a bit since the last time I used it, basically just letting out the shoulder seams, making the darts nicer etc, all the boring, but necessary stuff.

You know what? I think I’m game enough to rock this dress, I have always been a crazy dresser. One woman’s costume is another woman’s casual dress?!

side note: I have started to post my sewing work-in-progress photos on my instagram: my handle is @kathborup if you want to follow me 🙂





  1. I LOVE this – the print is fabulous for a shift dress! 🙂 I’ve been waiting to see the full dress after seeing all your in-progress tease shots on Instagram.
    Is the Burda pattern your go-to for shift dresses? I think I need shift dresses in my life but I’m not sure which pattern to pick!

    • Thank you! ☺ 🙂 I would say it is for the moment! I still want to try more shift dress patterns but this is the one I have had most success with so far. It’s hard to choose! For a loose style this burda one is fun and for a more fitted shift I would probably recommend simplicity 1609!

      • Great, thanks! I’m really stocking up the next time the Simplicity site has a sale – I’ve about 7 patterns on a wishlist already!

  2. Mette said:

    Love it the way you have placed the print , very interesting, well done Kath,

    • Thanks so much mum! I also still have more fabric left over 🙂 ! Thanks again for the lovely fabric!

  3. Anne W said:

    I think it’s great, totally NOT clown-like!

    • Aww thank you! glad you don’t think its too clown-like!

  4. gayeproctor said:

    No, not clown-like at all. Just absolutely fabulous!

  5. I LOVE this dress. I think it suits you beautifully, the colours, the style, and the navy stripe. I want one now!

  6. vmtr4life said:

    I love it! In a world where everyone dress the same, it is nice to stand out so beautifully!

    • Hehe thanks! No point in dressing like everyone else 😉 🙂

  7. I love a fun dress and this one is amazing! Perfect for summer. I don’t see “clown” at all, but if you want to dress it up a bit just add a navy cardigan. Did I mention that I love this dress?!

    • aw so glad! Thank you :D! That’s a good idea and I do love navy/wear it a lot! Thanks again x

  8. No clown-like in the least. If you ever feel that way when wearing something, through on a pair of heels or high boots with it.
    This dress just screams your style, absolutely perfect!

  9. erin said:

    It’s a pretty retro dress! If you wear it with a navy blazer, it will look more grown up and on days when you want to have fun, you can wear them with mary janes and knee socks! When I like something, I like them even better in multiples. Like the same pair of shoes in different colours. Sewing allows us to make the same dress in different fabrics and with little tweaks to make them more fun! Enjoy your new dress!

    • Thanks! That’s true, I know just what you mean, when I find a pattern I like, I want to make one in every colour too 🙂 That is one of the brilliant things about sewing 😀 Thanks for the reminder!

  10. Laura said:

    Very 60s and very not-clown 🙂

  11. This is super cute on you! It’s totally working! And hemming the dress and the lining before attaching them is so smart! Great idea!

  12. You can totally pull this off! Me on the other hand, I’d look like an old lady who refuses to grow up. (ha!! I guess I really am anyway) :)> I love it and think you should totally rock it!

    • Thanks so much! 🙂 I doubt that, but I feel like that too! Growing up is so overrated, isn’t it?!

  13. Alice said:

    How adorable! I love the fabric, and the buttons are a great touch. By the way, having seen so many beautiful 60s dresses on your blog, erm I’ve decided to make one too!! Hope you don’t mind me copying you… :p Perhaps I’ll post it this weekend, when the sun comes out here in the UK so that I can take some decent photos 🙂

    • Thank you so much girl! 🙂 😀

      That sounds great, I’m absolutely flattered and delighted to have inspired you! I love the things you make!

      Cool! Look forward to seeing it!

  14. this is awesome and you should totally wear it like all summer long! great job with the positioning of the patterns and good idea with the navy strip. i probably would have done the same or maybe some kind of ruffle maybe? cute dress lady!

    • Thanks so much Catherine! it means so much! 🙂 Ooo a ruffle! why didn’t I think of that?!

  15. I think it is a pretty cool dress, and good on you for cutting out a hairly swirl – it would have been too much of a distraction 🙂

  16. Your mum has a good sense of fabric, keep her around 😉
    I might be the wrong person to ask but I think every grown up needs a few frivolous dresses in their wardrobe or life gets too boring.

    • hehe true, she does 🙂

      You are right! Life’s too short for wearing jeans all the time!

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