Lining a sleeveless dress or bodice completely by machine

Hello lovely people! The making of this tutorial became a bit of an odyssey because I decided to draw the steps in illustrator, because my photos weren’t too good.

I love this technique and it can be used in any sleeveless bodice or sleeveless dress. By attaching the lining this way there is no hand sewing involved! This is also a nice way to finish a sleevelss dress if you prefer lining and/or want eliminate the need for facings or bias binding.


Disclaimer: Lining is a difficult thing to explain, so I want to apologize in advance if I don’t cover what you need to know! Also note: This tutorial does include some assumed knowledge, so have a read before you commit to using it!

 Heres the Burda-style pattern I used note: I did make a test garment and make a few modifications to it. The main one being, lowering the back of the neckline so that it slips over the head and does not require a zip.

There may be typos, but at this point I just want to add the images…because after 3 days of working on this tutorial I have had it for now! ;). Note: I may edit this tutorial at a later date if I find ways to make it better. I hope this helps someone! Xo Kath

OK now here goes…









Edit: I just realized that the picture for step 9. was misleading so I have removed it.

Step 9-10. Now (with wrong sides out/facing you) sew the left and right side seams of your dress together! (if you have any questions about this step please let me know).




  1. Super tutorial, your illustrations look great! And your image for pulling the back pieces through the front are way clearer than the few patterns I have that describe it. Also, I really really love that green dress! (Have I mentioned that already? :P)

    • Thanks so much Miss :), Glad it made sense to you! xo

  2. Erika said:

    Wonderful illustrations and it was pretty easy to follow along. Great job, and thank you. 🙂

  3. This tutorial is even better than mine!! I attempted with photos, but your illustrations are much clearer.
    When I first started out, I was following tutorials for this bagging technique and oh it was hard to comprehend for a first timer!!

    • Very sweet of you to say Neeno! 🙂 I have only just started using instagram (i’m a bit slow but better late than never haha)…I just added you and I am drooling over all this amazing food you have posted. Yay! So glad you are on instagram too! xo

  4. Awesome! I owe you big time, girl! I’ve been trying to figure this one out for years….seriously YEARS.

    • No problem Lady 😀 ! Makes me so happy to hear my post was of some help to you! Yay! 🙂

  5. vmtr4life said:

    You are the best!!! I was hoping you decide to post this tutorial! Thanks so much! Love the dress too!

  6. great tutorial! I dont often line things cause its such a hassle – i usually just wear a slip! But i do like your method, and it would be easy to add a zipper in at the end!

    • Thanks! Yes it is more time consuming than facings. A slip is a good option too! That’s true!

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