A slight change of plans

So right at the start of this “1 project per week” pledge suddenly my boyfriend asked me to go on a trip with him.

Unfortunately the only time to do this (that is going work out for the both of us) is very soon…like in a few days! I feel like I am letting the team down, but I can’t NOT go, that’d would be pretty crazy and I can’t see myself taking the sewing machine.


So the plan is to resume the “1 project per week” challenge when I get back and of course I am still going to follow along with all the lovely ladies who are taking part :). If you are on a roll, keep on going, if not a little hiatus is totally acceptable….

I’m sorry gals!  Am I terrible and fickle? Please forgive me! 😦

I hate how it feels like I am copping out, this is not my intention at all! I just didn’t expect to be going on this trip so soon.

But it’s Malaysia…. I can escape the winter for a while and eat delicious food all time time. Yay!


I really look forward to going back again! So excited!!

When I come back it’s straight back on the #1ppw “1 project per week” horse again!

If you are interested in following my travels I’m pretty certain I will be posting the pictures…Accidentally deleted my tumblr travel blog but ill post the url soon 😦

xo Kath


  1. Laura said:

    What? No, that’s not copping out! That’s an awesome holiday!! Have a fantastic time and we’ll kept the #1ppw fires burning bright for your return 🙂

    • Aw thanks for being so supportive! Xoxo 😀 Your the best!

  2. Have a great time, make sure you do some fabric shopping!

  3. Living is not a cop out! Enjoy your trip and bring back some fresh energy and inspiration!

    • 🙂 Yes! Nothing like a trip to inspire and give new perspective. Thanks! x

  4. Have a fantastic trip! I can totally relate to taking spontaneous trips when your schedules open up- that’s the only way we’re able to go away! I hope you’re able to share some trip photos with us when you get back!

    • Thanks a lot :)! Yes you gotta be flexible and seize the opportunity when it presents itself. Just try and stop me! hehe x

  5. “Living is not a cop out!” is my new life motto. Thanks for that, sissy!

    Never feel guilty for taking a vacay, we’ll all be here when you get back. Enjoy! Eat some noodles for all of us.

    • aw true!

      🙂 I will definitely be doing that! Thanks!!

  6. Vacation trumps sewing all the time! Lucky you for having such a wonderful vacation. Have a blast.

  7. How cool is that! Have a fab time and get loads of inspirational photos, eats gorgeous food and buy some fabric if you get the chance ; )

    • 🙂 Thanks! I will definitely be doing all those things 😉 x

  8. yay! and you can buy even more fabric while you’re over there! and yum – food, mmm malaysian food. Have you ever been before? I have to send people over for work all the time to train the workers there and they love it. they always suggest taking the tram/train everywhere because its cheap and clean. and Petronas towers is a must!

    • 🙂 Yes Malaysian food is amazing! Hoping I can sneak some fabric shopping in. Yes… we visited for the first time two years ago and decided we would have to go back!

  9. Amy said:

    Of course you need to go! And if anyone gives you grief over it they’re a doodling head! Haha. Have fun!

  10. Life does not resolve around sewing, so there was no way you were going to decline this invite! Enjoy Malaysia, I’m sure you will be coming back with a lot of inspiration, especially for the use of colours! Sneaking some fabric shopping in would be totally fair and even a part of the local experience, I am sure your boyfriend will agree to that 😉

    • True! That’s great advice. Thanks so much! 🙂 x

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