Fabric shopping in Malaysia

I’m finally back in Australia. This trip really has been the trip of a lifetime. I ended up just posting holiday snaps to my instagram, because I accidentally deleted my travel tumblr (doh!)

Just to show I really mean to continue with this ‘1 project per week’ sewing challenge. I have already cut out (and overlocked) my next project. Here’s is a sneak peek…


I think you can guess what I’m making (something I can wear in cold and warm weather). Not  that I EVER need ANY more clothes (please tell me it’s not time for a new hobby! or perhaps unselfish sewing?).

Shopping in Malaysia was insanely good! I tell you folks, this really was my idea of a dream holiday! Relaxing on resorts with cocktails and then the rest of the trip mostly consisted of lots of eating and shopping (two of my most favorite things!), But I’m sure what you really want to hear about is the fabric shopping…

I only found one good spot to buy fabric, but it really was one hell of a fabric shop. While I was in Penang we stayed with my boyfriends uncle and his family, his wife Grace remembered the fabric shop I loved so she took me back to it (isan’t she the best?!)! She said she had never seen anyone so excited about anything in her whole life. What can I say, I LOVE fabric…and when its around 5 Australian dollars per meter, just try and stop me from freaking out! haha


The amazing fabric shop was called’ Kamdar’ in Penang. I did look for fabric stores in Kuala Lumpur, but I did not have much luck. China town (Kuala Lumpur) did have some fabric shops, but none of the ones I found were any good (all polyester fabrics and one shop filed with just gold 90’s style buttons I dislike).

Anyway here is what I scored from the shop ‘Kamdar’ in Penang:


So many dreamy fabrics! I only had 25 minutes to choose these, I was running around like a mad woman, but I’m really happy with my choices. The first fabric is polyester, but the rest are cottons. I am so happy for every single one! Doesn’t the second pink floral remind you of a liberty fabric? its even a lawn!

I also bought some mock batik ones earlier at the airport that I kind of regret…


We were at the airport for hours and I hadn’t done any shopping yet. They are pretty thin and flimsy, but perhaps I will find a use for them.

I have fallen hard for Malaysian food (especially Nasi Lemak and Malaysian Indian/Thai dishes) and now that I am back in Australia I’m ready to work hard, so that perhaps I can go back again someday!

  1. nishi said:

    Ooh! Those cottons are beautiful! I’m in Singapore at the moment & always make a beeline for Malaysian batiks, but they are never as cheap as yours! I think a trip to Penang might have to be made asap…! Malaysia is a really fantastic country – the people are SO friendly &, yes, the food is delicious!

    • Thank you. Yes felt like a good some good bargains! Excellent idea :)! I agree, lovely people and the food really is so delicious (just my kind of food) I miss it already!

  2. Anne W said:

    wow, some pretty gorgeous fabrics there, and even if you decide you really don’t like the ones you got at the airport, they can come in handy for toiles. 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes! Just what I was thinking too! X 🙂

    • Thanks, just as I hoped I came back with lots of goodies! 🙂

  3. erin said:

    KL is shoppers paradise, my daughter is going to stopover in KL before flying home next week! LOVELY fabric, including the ones at the airport. The airport ones look like they would be perfect for a kimono style jacket, not sure if it’s something you would like to wear though. And, I’m guessing that you are sewing a skirt? haha!

    • So true! I’m sure she is going to have a lot of fun! 🙂 Ooo! Brilliant idea. I really love the idea of a kimono jacket. I wear a lot of kimono style cover ups during the summer (because I don’t like getting sun burnt) Thanks for the idea!!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous fabric! I’m so glad you found these lovelies!

    • Thanks! I can’t wait to catch up on whats been going on in sewing blog land. Feels like I have been gone for some time! x

  5. Oh wow that’s such good fabric you got there!! I love the paisley on the very left! I really should take a trip to Asia for all these fabric stores! My boyfriend is trying to get me to go the Philippines to visit his family. Maybe I can get him to take me to some fabric stores in Manila!

    • Thanks. I thought that one was your style 🙂 They had the paisley in so many colourways too…Good plan! 😉

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