The ‘I miss summer’ shift dress (1ppw week 3)


Note: Sorry about the state of my hair. I think I want to grow it out into a short bob again heh Anyway…

Here’s this weeks ‘1 project per week’ project. I got hit with a pretty horrendous cold/flu thing, but I still wanted to keep my ‘1ppw’ promise! Today I felt a bit better but now I feel lousy again…it couldn’t have anything to do with taking photos of myself in a summer shift dress could it? I am such a nut job sometimes! OK most of the time, really….

Why do I sew summer dresses in winter? why do I only sew summer things? I never want to make winter clothing. I should up my game and make a coat! But I am a dreamer…summer dresses are what happiness is made of to me! The truth is I have more than enough things in my closet, so my sewing does not really have so much to do with being practical.

I was lucky enough to miss a big bit of winter this year when my boyfriend and I went to Malaysia on holidays. Sometimes I can’t believe the degree to which I complain about things or get down when the weather is cold. Winter sort of brings out my depressed alter ego or something. I need to work on changing my attitude to this season!

So what do I (actually)like about winter? You don’t get too hot when you are sewing, no mosquitoes, less sunburn, kiwi fruits are in season, coffee is even better on a cold day, more excuses to hug the people I love (who are always much warmer than I am) and of course coats kind of fun to wear! ummm that’s all I can think of! What do you like about winter?


Sewing nitty gritty:

I used some of the material I bought in Malaysia (I wanted to use some of this fabric- also why this is a summer project)! The pattern is Burda 7056 I have used this pattern before on this dress. The only change I made to this pattern was lowering the neckline.

I just love the simplicity of this design. It’s slightly a-line, but only slightly! It’s also loose like a shift should be, but it’s not at all baggy.

I really like how the cut of the neckline shows off the shoulders BUT the draw back is the dress is not bra-friendly, as in- your bra straps WILL show. and that’s no fun! ( I can’t go strapless or without one- I’m sorry too much information, I know!)

Materials and techniques (all the usual suspects). Blind machine hem (I machine hemmed the bottom of all the pieces BEFORE I sewed the side seams together). Center back invisible zipper. Used gutermann thread….

I actually enjoyed the facings. These ones stay down really well! I used quite a lightweight iron on interfacing for the facings. I’m so glad I bought a massive stock pile of this stuff (way back), because 1. it’s hard to get in the weight that I like especially now that I live in the city and 2. I do not want to stop my sewing project for something as boring buying interfacing!

For the all-in one facings on the dress I used the same technique I use when I line a sleeveless dress by machine. It’s pretty hard to explain so I’ll just show you some work in progress pictures….


Above: Note this was BEFORE I graded and clipped the seams which is an absolute MUST!!!


Above: Why hello my pretty clean-finished neckline and armholes 🙂 Now I just had to press it like mad and sew the side seams.


Above: with one of the side seams done!

My one regret with this dress is the back is slightly funky, which could have been avoided if inserted the center back zipper BEFORE sewing the shoulder seams and BEFORE sewing the side seams. That’s what I plan to do next time.


So that was it! Now to fill my hotwater bottle and watch a swedish crime drama with the boyfriend. Yay!

x Kath

  1. Mette said:

    Again a fantastic dress , love the fit and the perfekt sewing . I like the fabric a lot . Well done Kath.

    • Oh so glad you like it mum! 🙂 xo I am a big fan of the fabric too. The print is crazy/cool and the cotton is nice and light to wear. It will be good for hot weather. Not that I need more dresses :S you know this better than anyone. hehe

  2. Great dress! Unlike you, I love winter, I love the cold and dressing warmly, however, most of my handmade clothes are summer, or if they do cross over not practical for really cold days. I do need to sew more winter appropriate clothes

    • Thanks! That’s great! Hope you find an inspiring winter-appropriate item for your next project. It’s good to be aware of the gaps in the wardrobe, so you can fill them with lovely handmades! x

  3. Heather said:

    Cute dress! I hope you get feeling better soon!

  4. Laurel said:

    Love your dress! very chic and mod 🙂

  5. Laura said:

    Cute dress! I quite like winter – jumpers, snow, frost, Christmas… When I lived in Belgium, it would sometimes get down to -15 degrees, which gave me the opportunity to find a stylish but very warm coat 🙂

    • Thanks! Ah yes! Winters a different thing when you get snow, makes it more magical 🙂 wow gotta wear a proper coat 100% wool for sure x

  6. Lynne said:

    What a lovely dress, the fabric great – I think it’s a bit 60s looking, which goes well with the shape of the dress. It looks fab on you. Also loving the all in one facing, it’s a favourite of mine too. It’s summer in my part of the globe now, I’m in the UK, but a good summer’s day is about 20 degrees! I chuckled at you saying about less sunburn in your winters – there’s no chance of that in ours!! My least favourite thing about winter is when it’s dark at 4.30pm. It’s just before 10pm now, and it’s still day light.

    • Aw thanks so much!! And the facing doesn’t move around, just love that. Want to add them to everything now haha
      Hope its been a good summer so far! Yes its pretty crazy! Its so easy to get sunburned in Australia… The sun is viscous. On my holiday in Malaysia I didn’t get burnt once. If I was back home in the same scenario my face would be burnt despite applying lots of sunscreen! Oo yes I didn’t consider that. Wow!

  7. Anne W said:

    I love your fabric choices! 🙂 There aren’t many things I like about winter in the UK, it’s long and dark and wet! And to think I thought winter in the southern hemisphere was too long… I’d do anything to swap a UK winter for a South African one now! 🙂 But I guess it does mean getting to wear proper boots & scarves & a nice handmade coat. And somehow Christmas makes more sense in the dark & the cold.

    • Thank you 🙂 I really wanted to use fabric from the recent trip. Should be fun to wear in summer. Oh yes…I would be the same! I love the UK but I’d have a hard time getting used to the weather. I forgot about boots! I love wearing boots too. I’m not a heels girl at all so the chance to wear proper boots is great for me also 🙂 I think it would do. At Christmas my mum does all the Danish Christmas food ever year and I guess it is kind of strange to have roast pork and potatoes etc on a hot day. That kind of food is not really my thing. To me warmer climates always have the best cuisine, more spice and less rich and heavy haha but to each there own.

  8. Girl, you were made to make and model dresses! So cute! My favorite thing about winter here in Portland, Oregon, is finding my way to a bar with friends and playing board games all night to get relief from the cold. The walk over is awful, but the drinks and company make for a cozy time. Good luck with the winter blues!

    • aw you are just the sweetest, thanks hun!!
      That sounds wonderful, good call! There’s little better in life than good company with good food and drink! 🙂

  9. Linda P said:

    Pretty little 60s inspired dress. The fabric is very eyecatching. As for summer v winter. They’re both good. How about wearing your summer dresses in winter with layers under/over and leggings/thick tights?

    • Thanks Linda! I think I may just need to make some woolen leggings. Leggings and stockings/tights are sometimes not warm enough for me… but sewing some woolen leggings is a brilliant idea!!!

  10. Kristy said:

    Great dress, you look great even if winter isn’t your season! Am I right in thinking you pulled the back pieces through the little shoulder gaps after you sewed the neck and arm facings? If you did then you can’t do the centre back zipper before the shoulders without having to use a different technique because the back needs to be in 2 parts

    • Thanks. Yes that’s exactly what I did. Ah but of course! You are a smart lady! That did not occur to me for some reason. haha

  11. Your fabric choices are just so perfect! I love love love this dress! It’s summer over here in the northern hemisphere, this would be so perfect. Have you thought about making merino wool leggings for the winter so you can wear these dresses and be cozy in the winter?

    • Thanks so much! x I absolutely love your idea of making merino wool leggings. Next time I see wool knit I am going to buy some and make them asap 🙂

  12. Super cute dress! I’m with you, I don’t enjoy the cold and summer sewing is so much more fun. I’ve come on holiday to the UK to escape the Perth winter for a bit, and my English friends laugh at me, they don’t believe that it gets cold in Australia!

    • Thanks. Cool!! Aren’t holidays where you get to miss some of the cold the best?! Gotta be careful what you say around the English, they have to contend with the cold all the time hehe

  13. It’s so purty!!! I’ve made about 4 dresses from this pattern BECAUSE OF YOU! I really like it though I think I sized it down too much. It works with stretchy knits, but I’d like to size it back up and have a looser fit. I moved to Austin, TX from Kansas City, Missouri because I hated winters so much. Major blahs! I can’t think of much I like about winter except a snow covered ground first thing in the morning and everything is super hushed. That gets old real quick!

    • Thank ya. No way?! That’s awesome. So honored to inspired you to try this pattern. I think this pattern has less ease than some of the big 4 patterns. I never thought of using it for a knit, cool! 🙂
      Haha I like it!
      Yeah snows exciting at first, but my parents (who grew up/lived in Denmark before I came along) say it is also a hassle in a lot of ways..

  14. Amy said:

    I’m right with you about summer sewing, it’s so hard given the uk barely has a summer though. Hope this dress helps you feel better. It’s a mighty cute print and flattering shape 🙂

    • Yes, it does make things difficult being in a colder climate!! Also Thanks for the kind words xo 🙂

  15. I love that fabric! And I totally feel you! Winter gets me so slow and down and I don’t want to do anything except sit on the couch with the boy and some milo. I do enjoy cooking more in winter, especially the tricky things like pastries and long Sunday roasts. I don’t like much cooking in summer.

    I love this dress, perhaps to help hold the bra in you can employ a technic to hold the bra straps in place. With a hook or similar. There is probably a technique in a couture book somewhere, but I know it is something that can be done!

    • Thanks Catherine!

      That’s true! I noticed the same thing the other day when I was baking cookies. I had a massive night of cooking and having the oven on so much was great!

      Sewing is also nicer. In summer its a lot less comfortable to press things too. I don’t have a sewing room so I tend to run from machine to iron quite a lot.

      Cool! Thanks for the suggestion I am going to do some research because this style of dress is so fun to wear.

      I’m about to catch up some blogs. I really look forward to seeing you latest projects!! 🙂

  16. gwenstella6373 said:

    Geez, slap on some think eyeliner and you’ll look just like Twiggy! Stunning dress and I love your pixie hair cut!! x g

    • Hehe wow! Thanks so much hun!! You are very kind 😀 🙂

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