Felt icy pole jumper D.I.Y


I have been ‘out-of-action’ sewing-wise recently (several cut out projects remain stitch-less so far), which explains my blog negelect but what really upsets me is all these amazing looking blog posts I haven’t read yet! I have a lot of sewing blogs to catch up on and I can’t wait for the inspiration hit.

This weekend involved shopping, Korean BBQ and hanging out with my boyfriend/all-time favorite person, so even without being at the machine I was happy. Recently I have also become more interested in cooking and baking. I’m starting to change my diet and eat tons of healthy food… My cheeks are filling out, my skins clearing up and I feel much better! 😀

Last week I drove to Chatswood. This was a huge deal for me because driving in the city terrifies me (I usually walk or take public transport). The reward for making it to Chatswood alive was a trip to Daiso and a lovely late lunch at Mamak. Daiso was epic this time! They had a huge selection of polyester felt. Happily I bought some felt squares in different colours as I knew exactly what I wanted to do them…

My plans for said felt was a jumper featuring one of my favorite things: A chilli! How fun would it be to have a jumper with one of my favorite foods?!

But before I attempted a more detailed design I wanted to test out how this felt would work/look sewn to a jumper, so this ice cream/Popsicle design was my test run. I’m wearing it right now! I love how bright and cheerful and non-winter it is! You can tell I prefer warm weather!

Despite owning/sewing a lot of dresses one of my favorite things to wear are graphic printed tees but in the winter It’s too cold to wear/showcase a printed tee so this is a good alternative. I just love the dorky yet cute vibe of embellished sweaters (provided they aren’t too ’80s Kath day knight’  Yikes!! No sequins or shoulder pads for me thanks!) Anyway the stitching is pretty ‘blah’ but you know what? you get the idea/vibe I was going for so I still like it!

Anyway here’s what I did….


I just picked two colours of the polyester felt that I liked and tried to think of a design that would be cute, but was only made out of simple shapes…


Then I drew some rough shapes. I ended up ‘refining’ it a bit with the scissors (making the pole narrower etc). It was rather stupid to use a dark blue marker to make these shapes, because it does show through slightly on the other side.


The felt kind of sticks to the jumper temporarily so you can play with the positioning and decide what looks best, while you are wearing it. Next time I would have probably used an iron on adhesive called visoflex to adhere the felt to the jumper (before sewing around the design) but I did not want to make the trek to a fabric store just to get it so I just held it in place with pins while I sewed it.


Then I googled “how to blanket stitch” and used polester sewing thread (doubled over) to stitch around the design. My hand sewing is terrible but ‘eh’ good enough…it’s just a bit of fun!

No news yet on how well this felt design holds up in the wash. But when I find out I will update this blog post with my findings!

Anyway…Yay! Summery fun in winter. Also speaking of icy poles or “pops” a lovely site called ‘Henry happened’ has some lovely looking DIY popsicle recipies. I guess for now I’ll stick to veggies and comfort food!

  1. fabrictragic said:

    I’ve got one word to say to you Kimmie – fabulous!

    • Haha thanks 😁 I was going for something nooice different unewsiwil

  2. ShanniLoves said:

    This turned out super cute!

    • Aw thank ya! Glad you like the colours too 😀

  3. Laura said:

    I think this is brilliant! Also, yay for eating well and having good skin (both a work in progress for me)!!

    • Thank you Laura! Heh not always the case for me either, always a work in progress for me too! I have been going to the fruit market a lot more these days, Kiwi fruits and oranges are in season here (they are some of my favs)

  4. Kathryn said:

    This looks so cute! I love your colour combination & it’s such a simple but effective design.

    • You are so kind, lovely and thoughtful 🙂 Thank you!

  5. The stitching is not blah! I think it looks really charming that way. Also: thank you for introducing me to icy pole. We call them popsicles (like icicles) here in the US. Or ice pops. I guess it depends on which part of the States. Anyway, I love learning regional differences for words. I also love the new shirt– I will probably copy it at some point 🙂

  6. nishi said:

    So sweet! I have a Daiso weakness too, so I may have to copy you & add some cut-outs to my t-shirts!

    • Aw it really is the most fun store! Cool! Hope you try it out. It’s an amusing little project 🙂

  7. So adorable! I love this idea of appliqué, and pink and orange are my favourite colour combo so you have won me!
    And how good is Daiso for craft supplies! They had these really good covered button making kits, but they don’t have them anymore. I hope they bring them back cause the ones at Lincraft are terrible

    • Thanks Catherine 🙂
      Yes orange and pink is one of my all time favorite combinations.
      I reckon! AMAZING for craft supplies!
      Lincrafts habby section is a nightmare overpriced and bad quality. Hope they get them back too!

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