Animal fabric

Continuing the animal theme here is my latest dress. I see a lot more novelty print dresses in my future, because it seems I am incapable of growing up, or acting too mature 😉


If I had to pick a safari animal that best represented me I would pick a zebra- they are so bold and print-tastic! Sorry bit of a photo dump in this post (I need to learn how to edit!)


Feel free to lol at the odd placement of my legs. I am not actually mega tall or hitting the roof of my apartment it’s just because I am standing on futon thing.


I bought the fabric about a year ago at spotlight and I originally intended to make a skirt out of it. I’m so glad I made a dress instead! There wasn’t a lot of fabric to work with but there was easily enough for Simplicity 2417 (my stash busting pattern)!


I realize wearing such a busy print is not everyone’s cup of tea but I enjoy it. I love busy prints! Every time I make a dress out of a poly/cotton like this one, the garment gets a lot of wear because the fabric barley creases and its really durable!


I wore the dress today during a Christmas shopping expedition with my mum. It’s pretty comfortable and easy to wear (the waist is nice and roomy). I wore it chunky wooden platform shoes. My mum approved :).


So to conclude my foolishness: Zebras are awesome and now I have a dress covered in them. Mission accomplished!

This dress was so quick and easy! I want to make more very soon! Check out my previous post if you wanted to see how I constructed the dress.

I love orange, cute animals and reading so this dress is probably perfect for me…

penguin01 penguin02 penguin03 penguin04 penguin05 penguin06 penguin07

The dress is made from a lightweight cotton I bought at The Remnant Warehouse. It’s a lot like a tana lawn, it’s lightweight and breathable. There is a trade-off as the fabric is a little delicate. The pattern is my own design (I have made countless dresses with this pattern).

I had this dress lying around half-finished for god knows how long (I’m sure you know the story). The bodice is lined and there is an invisible zip in the side seam. I took it in 6mm on the zipper side before I installed the zipper.

As you can see I didn’t match my print very well on the front of the bodice, but I am not really fussed , but next time I will be more careful (at least on the front).

I didn’t line the skirt, because I always wear denim shorts underneath sun-dresses and skirts.

I do wish the straps were a little shorter and the waist is pretty roomy.

I must like the dress because I have worn it 3 times already. I would say it suits my personality well.

The more serious people of the world probably wonder why a grown up lady walks around in a penguin dress, but thats OK. I never want to grow up or be too serious…

BTW: Does my dress may remind you of this?:


Above:  The movie is as good as the book. How often does that happen? My copy of this is in storage since I switched to kindle. The penguins on the dress are obviously not the same as the logo, but my boyfriend calls it the book dress.


Just in case you are wondering my favorite books of all time are: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley! You must read them. 🙂