Burda style Magazine Pleated Top (issue 9/2011 Style 128)

Loving the dressy retro look of the finished top.
I also made the skirt, it was a pattern from a Burda Style magazine as well, but I made the skirt so long ago, I can’t remember which issue the pattern was from.

I like this top best when its tucked into a fitted skirt. Sorry not really sure why I am doing that weird thing with my hand haha.

I will definitely be making another version of this top. It’s cute and it’s quite practical to wear on occasions that require a more formal/dressy look.

Here is the top sans skirt so you can see the altered fit. It’s still a relaxed fit, just a little bit more defined at the waist. I added darts and took the side seams in quite a lot. I didn’t bother putting darts in the back.

The button spacing is not quite right but I’m not too fussed about it because I will only be wearing it tucked in.