Handmade Clothing in Action

I finally finished it! I really feel like this dress is completly my style!  I apologize for the large amount of pictures, but if you can’t be a bit indulgent on your own blog then when can you be?


It’s a little shorter than I normally go, but I feel like it works with the style.


I think this is going to be my Christmas dress. It’s one of the rare occasions where I am not in hiding and get to dress up.

After these photos I had to change into some shorts, because it is 30 degrees C outside (thats 86 F in american-speak) It was too hot to wear the dress today :(….But then I do love hot weather! 🙂


I had trouble drafting the collar, it doesn’t sit as flat as I would like it too! Prior to sewing the collar and facing on I was a little apprehensive with how big the collar would look, but I think it works, especially with my short hair.

These days I try to be careful of over-fitting. I feel like this has a bit more ease. I need to move in it after all! One of the older dresses I made gets zero wear because I cant move my arms properly in it. But in this one it’s no problem.

The fabric is a cotton pique…Back when I worked in a fabric shop I bought something like 6 meters of this stuff at something crazy like $2.50 per meter. The fabric/print looks kind late 60s early 70s to me. The collar is white drill and a white calico on the underside.

This dress is so quick to sew, but it took forever because I made muslins, altered the fit and even copied the paper pattern multiple times. But now I have a great fitting pattern for future projects so I guess it is kind of a win.

Did I mention how much I love princess seams! So easy to alter and the fit is so lovely.

Last time I tried to make a 60s dress, I made a shift dress in a fabric that was super drapey (to much drape for the project) and the darts were all pointy, I hate when that happens!


The collar at the back should be closer to the zip. When I drafted the collar I overlapped my pattern pieces as the shoulder seams by 7mm. I think I will try 2cm next time. This collar drafting business is hard (at least for me anyway).


And the last one is an out take hehe…


Good news! I have rejoined the 21st century :). We now have internet in our apartment (was using Internet on galaxy tab and from my parents house prior to this). I can’t even explain how excited that makes me!

I feel silly for posting a picture of something I already posted/made a long time ago, but the original photos were not good and I wanted to celebrate being able to wear this dress again. The weather is FINALLY getting a little warmer, a very welcome change!

It’s warm enough to wear it today without a cardigan. Miracle!

I originally posted about making this dress here.

The last time I wore this dress was Christmas of last year. For some reason I just love the print of this fabric!

So after I get some work done I am going to get some D.I.Y and sewing youtube videos playing while I cut out my next project. I can’t wait!

I wanted to start posting some pictures of how I wear the pieces I have made.  Just like Zoe does in her Me-made-may postsand Me-made-outfit of the week and Suzannah does in her fabulous How to wear DIY posts.

The me-made or handmade item I am wearing today is my wild-print pencil skirt using a pattern from Burdastyle Magazine (issue 2/2011 Style 107). I originally blogged about the skirt here.

I love this skirt. The pattern was a perfect fit and it didn’t require any alterations or fitting, but then I suppose the fact that the fabric has stretch helps too.

Pencil skirts are so flattering on tall girls and they also look awesome on a curvy hourglass shape :)! I am not actually going anywhere today but sometimes its fun to dress up ‘just because’. I have to wear a uniform at work (not fun!). But at home I have free reign. So if I had a creative job in an office this is what I would wear.

Outfit notes: The  white shirt is from cotton on and the spike necklace (which is kind of hand to see) was $3 on sale from a shop called Lovisa.