Just thought I would mention: I will be posting more sewing ‘makes’ soon(ish): Unfortunately I have issues with my leg/s when I sew too much. I don’t know how to correct this, but if I sew to much I get pain in my legs that can often last for months :(. So annoying!  I have had this problem in the past and its best to avoid sewing for a while. 

One thing I love to do is hold onto necklaces that break or that I feel are not quite my style for whatever reason and shop for craft pieces and trinkets in dollar stores (jump rings, beads etc)  because…

If you have some chain, jump rings and a set of those jewelery making pliers (I don’t even know the technical term for these) you can combine all these things to make jewellery that is more your style, and that no one else will be wearing. I love that!

I tend to love bold colours and the 60s so that influenced how I remixed the beads and materials. I know they are a little kooky and not everyones taste but here you go…

You have been warned- I love brooches! hehe


Above: My favorite. A brooch from leather scraps. More on this later.


This necklace was a mish-mash of beads I took from 3 other necklaces I owned (but didn’t like) so I dismantled them.

I like this piece with my orange top. But then orange is my favorite colour (has been since I was a teenager) so I feel like everything goes better orange. Orange makes me happy!


I like the mix of wood, colour and plastic! I don’t know why I had to use duct tape in this one but bah who cares.


Above is another one made from parts of the same necklaces.


Fun fact: Pill boxes are a great way to store jump rings and small jewellery supplies.

Anyway my point is making something new that is ‘your style’ out of things you already have. That is what I’m about!

I have not done a lot of sewing recently but I did make a necklace or two.

So quick and simple to make!

Whilst browsing pintrest  I can across this tutorial  by the dainty squid and I feel in love with it.

Heres my version

Yikes I need to cut my fringe badly. I do not suit a long fringe!

I used leather for my version because we have a whole bag of leather scraps.

Also the leather hole punch I had made holes that were FAR to big so I just used a thick needle to poke holes through the leather to attach the jump rings through.

Heres another necklace I made the supplies I used to make it.

I don’t know why I never considered using leather or vinyl for jewelery before as it’s awesome!

I recently sorted out my sewing notions along with my jewelery making supplies. I often buy chain from fabric stores or if I have a necklace or (a part of a necklace) I no longer like I take the chain off to use on another d.i.y.

LOOK at the organized nature of my supplies below (this is unlike me so I am proud!)

I discovered that little plastic pill storage is a great way to store the fasteners and jump rings. They are super small and you can open one at a time. I dont know if that makes any sense. I tried to take a better picture off them but failed.

I am totally going to finish Burda 7594 soon. But yeah like I said have to get the fit right which is annoying.