Outfit Post

I love orange, cute animals and reading so this dress is probably perfect for me…

penguin01 penguin02 penguin03 penguin04 penguin05 penguin06 penguin07

The dress is made from a lightweight cotton I bought at The Remnant Warehouse. It’s a lot like a tana lawn, it’s lightweight and breathable. There is a trade-off as the fabric is a little delicate. The pattern is my own design (I have made countless dresses with this pattern).

I had this dress lying around half-finished for god knows how long (I’m sure you know the story). The bodice is lined and there is an invisible zip in the side seam. I took it in 6mm on the zipper side before I installed the zipper.

As you can see I didn’t match my print very well on the front of the bodice, but I am not really fussed , but next time I will be more careful (at least on the front).

I didn’t line the skirt, because I always wear denim shorts underneath sun-dresses and skirts.

I do wish the straps were a little shorter and the waist is pretty roomy.

I must like the dress because I have worn it 3 times already. I would say it suits my personality well.

The more serious people of the world probably wonder why a grown up lady walks around in a penguin dress, but thats OK. I never want to grow up or be too serious…

BTW: Does my dress may remind you of this?:


Above:  The movie is as good as the book. How often does that happen? My copy of this is in storage since I switched to kindle. The penguins on the dress are obviously not the same as the logo, but my boyfriend calls it the book dress.


Just in case you are wondering my favorite books of all time are: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley! You must read them. 🙂

I live in Australia but my parents are Danish so we celebrate Christmas tonight on the 24th.

I thought I would share what I am wearing. It’s a dress I made earlier this year.

I love how the print has a retro/vintage feel. The print feels kind of 70s to me. I am sort of obsessed with floral prints and I love fitted dresses so this one will probably get some use :).

The back has a cool sorta cutout detail AND you can wear this dress with a regular bra. A must for me!  One of my arms looks weirdly pink haha oddly amusing.

The pattern had a lot of fitting issues. On the pattern they also didn’t notch/mark where the straps were supposed to go. Fiddling with stap length and placement is at the top of my list of most irritating things about sewing (and I mostly LOVE sewing).

Also I had to take a LOT out the hips (but this seems common for me) and a LOT under the arms to get a good fit and stop the bodice from being all sad and gaping. So I doubt I will sew this pattern again. Its a lovely style but there were a lot of fitting tweaks. Twice is enough hastle.

Above is the pattern I used. I always scribble down a review on the envelope hehe.

The first version of this dress I made was in purple linen. I altered the pattern based on the changes I made to the first version of this dress but me alterations on pattern tissue were off and this floral version ended up far too tight across the bust, so I had to unpick the lining to alter it again.

Lesson: Always make a muslin first!

I feel so girlie in this dress :).

I am not really big on Christmas but I can’t wait to spend time with the family and give lots of gifts! Merry Christmas!

Well I attempted to take some photos of me  wearing the leopard print skirt I made…. It has been a dreary day today (where are you summer? it should be hot by now) with rubbish light.

I went into my backyard to take photos. Luckily I was wearing my doc martens so I could avoid getting bitten by snakes and spiders ;).

 The skirt is super simple. I used Simplicity 2451 pattern I have posted about it before.

As you can see I am trying to learn to take “outfit photos”. Below are some failed attempts to get my outfit into the photos….

Hahaha what a noob.

This is a skirt I made some time ago. You can tell the sewing is not too crash hot.

It is usually better (promise).
I am also not really digging these photos of me. I got my mum to take the photos of me and she was not exactly too happy to oblige.

hehe the end I am holding out is super creased oops.

I used simplicity 2233…
I added my own wider waistband to the pattern. I usually don’t wear skirts this long but there was plenty of fabric so I thought why not.

Next time I attempt a circle skirt I am going to either draft from scratch or find a better pattern. Shorter hem and narrower waistband would also make it more versatile. Also if I installed the zipper and the overlap of the waistband at the back then it would have helped.

Must find a better way to hem a circle skirt too…Perhaps I should use my new over-locker.

I am not really proud of this skirt but if it helps me learn from my mistakes then I am still happy.