Sewing pile

For my birthday month these next few projects are going to be easy and fun, I guess the common theme is: testing out patterns.

I am always on the quest for an excellent TNT (tried and tested pattern). My approach these days is a lot more about trying lots of different patterns to find the standouts, rather than spending all my time perfecting the fit of one pattern, making countless muslin’s -there is something to be said about doing things that way, but this is how I like to do things now!


Current status: Skirt is cut out with interfacing fused to waistband


Current status: Bodice cut out, collar and skirt fabric ready (but not cut out), interfacing not cut out yet


Status: Skirt cut out (I may have cut a size too small, we shall see!) interfacing not yet cut out

And now for the ‘potential projects’ or mere daydream projects…


I left the mad men challenge dress out (as it was already blogged) and┬áI also left my latest project off this list because it’s very close to completion, expect to see it very soon!

Sorry if these projects are somewhat boring… after I have tested these out I’m sure I will do something much more interesting.