Sewing Plans

The other night I was looking through my patterns and thinking about what to try next.

When I choose the fabric first I become far too indecisive, so to make it easier I thought, after I complete the first set of upcoming projects, what patterns am I itching to try? This made it easier to decide

All these plans are subject to change of course!


Above: I finally decided on the right dress of this fabulous drill, that has vintage sewing pattern ladies on it.

The vintage pattern envelope print will be the pleated skirt part of a fit and flare dress!

I wanted to make a shift dress out of this cool print, but I figured it might be too overwhelming covering an entire dress (plus I dont have much of it). I like the idea of doing the bodice of this dress in a plain blue drill, perhaps it would be a bit more balanced. Plus I really want to try this pattern (simplicity 1418). I L O V E box pleats (do I get extra sewing-nerd cred for that? heh)!



Above: I really want to try this pattern out! The envelope front was a little overly ‘crafty’ looking, but looking at the line drawing it’s a really nice A-line baby-doll 60s style dress.

Julia Bobbin has already used this pattern to make a gorgeous Betty-inspired dress some time ago.

The fabric I selected here is just ‘Meh’ to me. I like feminine florals, but this ones just a quilting cotton that creases like crazy, so just a good fabric for trying a new pattern out with.



Above: So I have already used this pattern before, but I need more shift dresses in my life! I never seem to get enough of them!

I was keeping this polka dot poplin for a 50s style dress, but now I think it would be cute as a shift dress! I adore navy! Which is funny because as a girl/teen I though navy was boring/not my thing, now I’m in love with it.

Navy blue seems to be the colour that suits my skin/hair the best and it looks killer with orange (which is my favorite colour, but one that suits me less)



Above: I really want to make something sweet and feminine! Especially now that I have such short hair, I have days where I really want to wear a ladylike dress!

Fabric is another cotton/poly poplin that has some weight to it.

I didn’t realize how sweet this pattern looked made up till I saw this lovely dress.

I would be making the plainer bodice (view c) because it’s a busy print I would want to keep the dress pretty simple.

Not sure if I would use the skirt from this pattern perhaps I would franken-pattern it up with a skirt that flared out (simplicity 1418 with the two pleats front perhaps)?!



Above:So…pants and shorts- And yes I am crazy enough to consider those very short tartan things ‘shorts’.

I have only ever made one pair of shorts years ago, and I don’t even remember how you construct them.

I figure it’s probably easier to copy pants or shorts you already own,  rather than try and make a commercial pants or shorts pattern fit right, I could be wrong, but I’m game to try!

I want to try and copy these hot pants and these really fitted black and white checkered ones ones because I love the fit of both!


And finally here are some other patterns I really want to try. I know I have issues (pattern hoarding issues), I hope you guys understand….



Did you spot the stay threads on my floor? that would be a boring game, but I sew in my living room and I feel as if there is no point in vacuuming because I’m always sewing!

Anyway that concludes the sewing plans that may or may not eventuate, depending on my whims.

I have been working on a cute shift dress and I am adding scallops to them hem, something I have never tried before.

Has anyone tried any of the aforementioned sewing patterns? Let me know in the comments!

I participated in Julia Bobbin’s Mad Men Challenge before, but embarrassingly I never finished the dress/completed the challenge. I think I failed because I felt it was hard to copy an exact look.

This time I’m sure I will have better luck because I am going for a dress ‘inspired’ by one of the looks in the show, rather than a close copy of something that was worn (it’s too hard to find similar fabrics!).

So here’s what I’m thinking…


She may not be my favorite character but the girl sure does have a great wardrobe! Because she’s young and wealthy she has all the styles that were current and true to the late 60s (in comparison to many of the other characters). I like a short skirt but I would not go as short as hers (in the picture) I like the idea of bell-like sleeves and a higher collar (but it would have a similar vibe to hers)!

If I have more ideas I will post them but I think I will be going for this fun patterned shift.

I can’t wait to see what everyone else is planning for this one xo

Julia Bobbin - Mad Men Challenge III


That black and white pixelated-looking fabric on the right (that looks like QR code) is my favorite. Too scared to use it. Don’t you hate it when you are too scared to cut into a fabric you love?

Today I had fun going through some of my fabric. I would look at my fabric and ask the fabric “what do you want to be? a dress? a skirt? what era, look or style? I am a strange individual. I have never denied that.

All plans are subject to change at any moment of course!

Anyway below are the ones I could make a decision about. Not necessarily my favorite fabrics, just a selection that I thought would suit a particular style or sewing pattern….


Above: Vintage Vogue 8789 View A. With the stripes on the bodice cut on the bias creating a lovely chevron. yum!


Picture the Blue fabric on the left as view a. A sleeveless dress with a drapey neckline so it’s kinda ‘hillybilly-does-Vivienne-Westwood” type of deal. The dull-looking fabric on the right could be a wearable muslin of the same dress. There is not a lot of this blue fabric so we will see…


I want to be the kind of person that has a dress that is covered in zebra heads!

The fact that I don’t have much yardage/meterage to work with made it easy to decide, as this dress uses the least fabric. I have made this dress before


This fabric has that cute 60s vibe that I love. Perfect for a A-line dress. Should I add a collar? or perhaps waist tabs

This is the most recent dress I made, so I already perfected the fit, or at least thats the theory anyway…


Red denim to be made into a basic A-line skirt with pockets, mostly to test out the pattern. NEXT!


If the red skirt goes well would like to try the A-line style in this DIVINE ikea fabric!

I know, I know Tilly already made a skirt in a similar fabric. I love her version (and everything she makes). But for my skirt I want it to be shorter and more streamlined (no pleats) It’s a heavier fabric too.


I am not mad about this fabric. I like it, but I am not head-over-heels for it. I have LOTS of it, so its a good one to test new patterns on. Also its a sateen so it has a bit of stretch, great for fitted dresses.

I want to make the above pattern from it, sleeveless, without the peplum fin things and with the square neckline.


Don’t you love my penguin fabric? It was a left over from sun dress I was/am still making.

I want to make the top in view D of the pattern but with no sleeves and I suppose I would make the contrasting peter pan collar black.

I did not manage to capture the true colour of the fabric on the right, it’s much more of pink than in the photo it would be a good choice for wearable muslin to test out the pattern because I have a lot of it.


I have 6.28 meters of this fabric, so it’s a good one to test out new patterns.

How do I end up with so many meters of the same fabric? when I worked in a fabric shop I would buy up big when the clearance fabric were reduced again, so I often got fabric that was $3 or under per meter. So a nice cotton poplin that is cheaper than the price of calico…those were the days!


So yeah. Those be my plans. What should I make next?

Here are some patterns I’m itching to try…

Burda7494 (the dress)


I have made a muslin of the bodice of this pattern and it fits almost perfectly without  many needed alterations and thats good news because I am NOT a fan of lots of fitting and alterations.

I always find burda patterns to have the best fit of all the commercial patterns.


I still have an obsession with peter pan collars but when I have attempted to draft my own them they never sit flat.

The collar on this dress is only on the front and is sewn into the shoulder seam eliminating that problem.

A cute versions of this pattern made by: cynthia-1

Vogue 1206 

The cut of this dress is so nice and I love the ruffles and the neckline. Very flattering and feminine!

The fabric they choose for this pattern on the pattern envelope is hideous.

You can see its potential more in the line drawing!

A cute versions of this pattern made by:  asewnwardrobe

Vogue 8766

Nice and simple. I figure this would be a good starting point for a lot of dresses considering I really like wide round necklines. I also need to practice setting in sleeves so this would provide me with that opportunity.


Simplicity 2588

I have had this one for a while but I think it is the perfect pattern for me because…

1. Princess panel lines/seams kick ass over darts! Marking a whole lot of darts sucks and the fit is always better with the panels lines.

2. One of the bodices has a raglan sleeve. I love easy sleeves. Perhaps I am a lazy sewer, but when  a pattern features sleeves you don’t have to ease in I am all over it!

So I would probably make the sleeve bodice with narrow fitted skirt.

The sleeveless one is cute but I pretty much ONLY  make stuff I can wear a bra with. I can’t wear strapless bras and never go bra-less.

A cute versions of this pattern made by: frounce

The above patterns are next on my list but there are STACKS more patterns I dream about trying but thats it for this post..