Simplicity 2451

Well I attempted to take some photos of me  wearing the leopard print skirt I made…. It has been a dreary day today (where are you summer? it should be hot by now) with rubbish light.

I went into my backyard to take photos. Luckily I was wearing my doc martens so I could avoid getting bitten by snakes and spiders ;).

 The skirt is super simple. I used Simplicity 2451 pattern I have posted about it before.

As you can see I am trying to learn to take “outfit photos”. Below are some failed attempts to get my outfit into the photos….

Hahaha what a noob.


When I saw this bold retro print I instantly knew I wanted to make this skirt with it!

It’s actually a canvas furnishing fabric. I adore the print and warm colors are definitely my style.

Fabric: 90cms of Canvas fabric from Spotlight (147 wide around $12.00 to $16.95 per meter)

I also used a slightly thinner fabric for the waistband facing and a lightweight cotton for the pocket insides/lining.

I didn’t bother with interfacing because the canvas is pretty thick.

Pattern: Simplicity 2451 size 10

Notions: 25cm red invisible zip $1 from The Remnant Warehouse

Time to complete: 3 hrs? But thats a wild guess.

Date Completed: Earlier this year

Amount of times worn: None yet. It’s been cold…

Fitting notes: Excellent fit. Thats why I use this pattern so often. Sewing is so easy when there are no fit issues!

Anything you would change?: I did make an effort to get my favorite flower in the center of the skirt. Then I regret having the flower smack bang in the middle of the skirt. But now I have changed my mind again and I like it there