Simplicity 2588

Edit: I just wanted to say that the lovely comments I received on this post completely made my day!

I was telling my boyfriend ‘I love how supportive everyone is of each other’ and his words were ‘supportive? on the Internet?’ He was surprised. Yes believe it or not it does happen! Perhaps it’s just this great sewing community.

I follow a lot of sewing blogs but I don’t always comment. Sometimes out of shyness or just because there are so many people making cute things, but from now on I will really make an effort too, because I know how happy it makes me when people I admire comment on the things I make.

I used Simplicity 2588. This is my first time using this pattern. I wanted to try it because I liked the little raglan sleeves.

I lined the bodice but for some reason did not line the sleeves. It was pretty silly of me.

The dress is already in the wash for the first time. I just came back from lunch and I already spilled very hot ramen soup on it (Yum! …but I am such a grub). So it will be interesting to see how it fares in the wash.

Here is a dirty sewing confession: I don’t pre-wash my fabric. I know, I know I am playing with fire! Interesting to see if will come out unscathed.

There is an invisible zip in the center back of the dress. I am pretty proud of just how invisible it is!

The fabric is predominately cotton with a fine weave. It has a slight stretch to it (spandex perhaps), which is perfect for a form fitting dress!

When cutting out in this fabric I was pretty deliberate. I used parts of the print where it looked scattered and there was some white space. I wanted to break up the flowers a little so it wasn’t completely covered in flowers. I don’t know how well it works.

Perhaps it may have been better to just cut out the printed fabric economically and let the sewing gods decide the fate of the print…but then you could end up with two flowers smack bang in the middle of two awkward places.

Part of me really likes this dress, but part of me thinks it’s too fussy. These days I feel myself leaning towards a more mod look (especially with the shorter hair). I want to introduce more solid colour dresses to my wardrobe and use prints that more clean and geometric.

Anyway we shall see.

Fitting notes: I have had a lot of success with project runway patterns fit-wize. They seem to be well drafted for busty ladies that aren’t super hippy. I find that most patterns these days seem to best fit the pear shaped ladies, so if you are more hour glass give the project runway patterns a try.

There was minor gaping around the neckline (but I know this is the case with most patterns for me).

I had remove excess fabric at the back of the skirt due to my lack of a bum by moving the center back seam in (sorry for the over-sharing). Unfortunately this made the side seams move closer towards the back.

I wish I knew how remove excess from the back of a fitted skirt without distorting the side seams! Does anyone know how to do this?

I took a little out just below the bust to give a more fitted shape. I love princess panel seams because they are so easy to adjust! I made a few other minor alterations, but I can’t remember every one.

I shortened the waist my 1.5cm so it hits slightly above the waist.

Because the dress had a fussy floral, I felt as if I had to go shorter on the hem than I ordinarily would, to avoid the dress looking too matronly.

I’m just so happy to be sewing again!