I have been out of action for quite some time and I have to tell you I REALLY miss sewing!

My boyfriend and I have moved into a little one bedroom apartment in the city and there is not a lot of space for sewing.

I will be moving my machine over there one of these days. I love being in the city as there are so many amazing places to eat and to get anywhere all you need to do is walk for a few minutes!

At the moment we don’t have any Internet. So I have to come home on the weekend for work and also to sew.

The apartment we moved into is completely beige aside from the unattractive gray-green blinds and brownly pinkish curtains (we can’t hang anything on the walls) and I am a bright colour, bold patterns person so it makes me a little sad!

So first thing I am sewing is some colorful cushion covers.

Other things on my list.
1. Covering a canvas in marimekko fabric (we have 1 hook on the wall we are allowed to use)
2. tissue box cover (crazy but ever bit of colour helps)

My fabric addiction is reaching new heights. I am still drunk with the thrill of getting such a bargain.

Rationality and common sense disappears when I see fabrics at good prices not that I had a lot of it to begin with.

My mum and I both had the day off so we went into the city to go to the remnant warehouse.

They had a buy one roll get one free (these remnant rolls usually have about 3 meters on them)

All up I got 17 meters of fabric and I spent $42. When I added it together and took into account the free fabric the cost of the fabric averaged out to costing around $2.50 per meter.

Last night I made a quick tote bag (above) It has lovely vintage pattern ladies on it (I used an iron-on tshirt transfer) I know its nothing special but small things make me happy.

So I have a lifetimes worth of fabric. I mostly buy cottons and poly/cotton blends. I was going to branch out and buy some knit fabric but I am scared of sewing with it. Must overcome this now that I have my own overlocker.

Sewing keeps me sane. I am so happy that it is a part of my life. I want to share my creations with the online community.

I have started many blogs about sewing usually to no avail.

Why do I start blogs only to completely lose interest in maintaining them?

1. I do this in a lot of areas of my life. I fall in love with the idea of something but then fall out of love with it quickly. I am therefore going to make a promise to myself to update this blog weekly at the least every two weeks EVEN if it is just a way to record my sewing experiences and not another soul reads it and even if i think this blog sucks. I will persist regardless! If only to prove to myself I can maintain a blog for a year!

2. I suck at photography and I do not own a good camera. Something I intend to also work on. I would like to post pictures of myself wearing my creations but photographing myself is usually a less than delightful experience to put it nicely.

Anyway…yay for new beginnings and yay for creating clothing no matter how simple it may be. 🙂

Bernie is my Bernina sewing machine!

My mum taught me to sew when I was little. Sewing makes me happy, especially making things that fit my personal style. I adore prints and bold saturated colours. I mostly make dresses.

At the moment I am loving 60s style shift dresses (I love 60s fashion)! I am not big on following instructions and I learn through trial and error. I have a massive pattern and fabric collection and I have barely made a dent in. Why am I typing this? I should be sewing! 😉

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