Vogue 1206

“Hello! Me a weirdo? Nah. Just me looking awesome, totally ready for a night on the town”

You can tell I have had a lot of time to sew recently.

I am working tomorrow but I had today off and I did manage to start the muslin or toile process of Vogue 1206.

I also updated my pattern design blog with new wallpaper designs to download. Yay! Lots of blogging and sewing going on! Perhaps that’s why I am feeling so happy and sane at the moment.

Unlike Burda 7494 I am aiming to avoid making less than 6 muslins of this pattern:P. That way I actually feel like I am progressing or getting a bit better at fitting.

Looks like this one wont need as much as Burda 7494.

Anyway here comes the sexy fitting pictures haha.

Overall fit is good but I like a more tailored look so I pinned the bits I am taking in.

I was super excited about the fact that the pattern didn’t gape around the back neckline. I have had this happen quite often but not with this brilliant pattern. Could it be that I don’t have a dowagers hump after all?

As you can see the back bodice is a little loose particularly just before the pleated sleeve thing.

I am very hesitant when it comes to making the back more fitted. I need to be able to move my arms…